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Evidence of TIME TRAVEL - Found

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Computer Technology found Documented in Ancient Texts

Source: Australian academic PAPER entitled Evidence of TIME TRAVEL - Found

Author Eddy Pengelly (pictured) reveals that: Egyptian Glyphs depict a dvd-like storage device and a saddle (cd-tray) for the disk; and a picture from the 1800s shows a clear plastic cd jewel case - Before plastic was invented !

  Last 6 glyphs say...

The Disk.
Its protruding ledge is a disk-shaped saddle in the side of the box.

Plate I column 1

Papyrus of Ani, 1240 BCE

Part 2 of this Paper
explains these findings

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Time Travel Evidence - FOUND

This second part generated comprehensive supportive evidence to demonstrate that a technology extremely parallel with certain early 1990s computer technology was seen by and documented by particular ancient people back in the past. This included a type of viewing monitor, data storage disks, and a hand held input device.

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