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Evidence of TIME TRAVEL has been FOUND

Modern COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY has been seen  BACK in the PAST

documented by the ancient Egyptians, Moses, Nostradamus and Joseph Smith

'Angels' in the Bible (and other texts) were Time Travellers !

In ancient sacred texts where a certain individual was visited by an ANGEL,
that messenger was a human TIME TRAVELLER on a particular mission

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Two Reports and Two Case Studies

THE BIBLE DECOMPOSED - Hidden Secrets Revealed

Your personal journey of discovery begins here...

Overview Report

The Bible Decomposed report contains details regarding encounters with
time travellers by Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel, John, and where Paul and Mark also document the contents of that modern cd-rom.

Case Studies

Our Egyptian Glyphs Report provides an examination of 17 glyphs from the Papyrus of Ani.
You also have access to and can download the FREE 2010 Egyptian Glyph Report and print a copy.

The Joseph Smith Encounter Article explains a plastic cd-case being held by nine witnesses in the mid 1800s in America before plastic was invented. (includes a Questions and Answers section)

Our Main Report is entitled World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins.

It is a summary of ten years of discoveries, findings and conclusions by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg (1996 to 2002) and includes some subsequent findings by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly (1998 to 2011).

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