Evidence of  TIME TRAVEL  has been  FOUND

Modern  COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY  has been seen  BACK in the PAST

and documented by the ancient Egyptians

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Plastic  Compact Disk CASE  was present  BACK in the PAST

as seen in this early 1800s American picture

before plastic was invented !

Evidence of  TIME TRAVEL  Revealed

Australia researcher Ronald Pegg announced his findings...
  • Encounters by certain ancient people, with beings perceived to be divine Angels - were actually encounters with human time travellers.  Often in pairs, one who was sometimes named as Gabriel did the explaining, while the other operated a computer (with mouse and cd-roms).

  • Parts of the computer technology taken back - have been described and depicted in several ancient accounts.

  • What was shown to certain ancient people, from three specific cd-roms - has been documented as 'visions seen in dreams'.

  • Information provided regarding certain future religious, astronomical, and historical events and people - has been written up and perceived as 'prophecies'.

The proof can be found documented in ancient texts - and is easily confirmed.

This site gives you access to several Reports.

BUT while absolutely fascinating and of which there are over 20 case studies available,
the Time Travel Proof  is minor  compared to the Consequences of these findings.

Hidden beneath 5,000 years of religious rhetoric, the sacred texts of the world's Religions contain accounts of Encounters with Human Time Travellers.

The Pegg Project® reveals where Religions got it wrong

  • The 'God' of the Old Testament was not divine.
  • The word 'God' meant 'ordinary deities' (plural).
  • There was not a place called 'Heaven' (and 'God' didn't live there), and
    there was never a religious place known as 'Hell'.
  • There was never a supernatural evil being called the Devil.
  • There was never a divine 'Holy Spirit'.
  • The cited 'Angels' were not divine beings (nor had wings and a halo).

      Religious History Books show that many concepts were made up !

When all the time travel reports are extracted from and identified in sacred texts, there is nothing left to indicate a divine supernatural God

  What the Atheists say concerning "there never was a divine supernatural God"
  is true - and now this can be said with proof to back it up !

Investigate Ronald Pegg's findings and evaluate the evidence for yourself...


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The Pegg Project®  reveals where Religions got it wrong

To comprehend what has been discovered, we all need to take a step back from our differences, take a deep breath, then consider each part and the evidence on its own merit as to where it all fits.

Are you tired of all the different Religions pushing their own Beliefs upon you ?

Are you annoyed at their constant Religious Rhetoric - that says nothing fresh ?

The PROBLEM has been Isolated

In relation to the Abrahamic religions, it culminated in 1611CE with the publishing of the Bible in English, and has been perpetuated for over 400 years with each new translation of the Bible.

The SOLUTION has been found

Hidden in plain sight beneath the traditional interpretation of the Bible's words are the Keys to resolving ' Is God a supernatural being ? ' and the ' Evolution versus Creation ' debate.

If you can read an English Bible and isolate a certain word and navigate through a dictionary and/or lexicon to find the corresponding information, then you can find these things for yourself.

When the Lexicons in Strong's Concordance are consulted it is found that

The original primary root Hebrew (and Greek) meanings for some words have NOT been used by the 1611 Old English scribes !

"I mean, you can read 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins, you can read 'God Is Not Great' by Hitchens… but the Bible itself, will turn you atheist faster than anything."
- Penn Jillette
          Recorded on June 8, 2010. Interviewed by Paul Hoffman. Source

You can either take other people's word for what the Bible says
or  Find Out for yourself !

The Pegg Project® has done its own research. We suggest that you do too.

Using Religion's own Bible, their resource reference book and their rules,
YOU will find that...

  • The 'God' of the Old Testament was not divine.
  • The word 'God' meant 'ordinary deities' (plural).
  • There was not a place called 'Heaven' (and 'God' didn't live there), and
    there was never a religious place known as 'Hell'.
  • There was never a supernatural evil being called the Devil.
  • There was never a divine 'Holy Spirit'.
  • The cited 'Angels' were not divine beings (nor had wings and a halo).

          ( Examination and Details on the Bible Decomposed page )

Why did people believe these things about gods, God, and Angels ???

Because they have been taught that     'God and Angels' were real Divine Beings

We now know this is  INCORRECT        

12th October 2000 was a significant historical day

On that day Australian researcher RONALD PEGG released his findings...

In ancient sacred texts where a certain individual was visited by an ANGEL,
that messenger was a human TIME TRAVELLER on a particular mission

Angels in the Bible (and other texts) were Time Travellers !

('Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers' video should appear above. If not please click HERE)

Where is the supportive proof for all of this ?

THE BIBLE DECOMPOSED - Hidden Secrets Revealed

Your personal journey of discovery begins here...

* * *
The Bible Decomposed article contains details regarding encounters with time travellers by Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel, John, and where Paul and Mark also document the contents of that modern cd-rom.

You will also discover and find for yourself where and why the concepts of
HEAVEN   HELL, DEVIL   SPIRIT   ANGEL  and GOD - are wrong.
* * *           ( Visit the Bible Decomposed page for details )

Our Egyptian Glyphs Report provides an examination of 17 glyphs from the Papyrus of Ani.
You also have access to and can download the FREE 2010 Egyptian Glyph Report and print a copy.
(The web page of Questions and Answers is not included in the download)

The Joseph Smith Encounter Article explains a plastic cd-case being held by nine witnesses in the mid 1800s in America before plastic was invented. (includes a Questions and Answers section)

Our main summary report is entitled World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins.

It is a summary of ten years of discoveries, findings and conclusions by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg (1996 to 2002) and includes some subsequent findings by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly (1998 to 2011).

          NEW released edition for 2013, now includes 42 new pages, being our 2012 Coda entitled
          Time Travel Encounters throughout History - the concealed story within Ancient Texts.
           It is a summary scenario based upon the following mission time trips 'back to the past'.
3114 BCE – Egypt (in the Middle East region)
ca.1350 BCE – Egypt, Amenhotep IV (aka Akhenaten)
1240 BCE – Egypt, scribe Ani
1230 BCE - The prophet Moses, encounter with ‘angel’ and ‘God’
ca. 5 BCE – Jerusalem, The Temple, A Hebrew priest named Zechariah
ca. 25 CE - the son of Zecharia and Elizabeth, John, (ie. John the Baptist)
ca. 26 CE - Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph and Mary
36 CE - Saul of Tarsus (aka. Paul)
60 CE – Mark
ca. 80 CE - Matthew, Luke (the Q-source document)
ca. 610 CE - Saudi Arabia, Mohammed
1823 CE September 21 – America, Joseph Smith Jnr

Specific Correction Back-Steps
603 BCE - Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar
ca. 600 BCE - Jerusalem. The prophet Lehi
593 BCE - Babylon. Ezekiel
553 BCE - Babylon. Daniel
95 CE - John on Patmos Island (Greece)
mid 1500s CE - Michel de Nostredame, France

Further Study Options will be available later in 2014

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