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Evidence of TIME TRAVEL has been Found  scattered throughout History and documented within the world's Ancient Myths and Texts

RONALD PEGG said that
'finding modern technology depicted and documented out-of-place and out-of-its-own-time-period in earlier historical texts - is proof of Time Travel'


1996 to 2002     Evidence of Time Travel Found

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg found the contents of particular mid 1990s cd-roms and certain history books documented, described and depicted in many ancient texts.

Conclusion: Time Travel back to the Past is somehow involved.

2003 to 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011     Claims Investigated

Independently, South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly conducted his own research and confirmed Pegg's observations.
His Reports can be found in the books associated with this website.

During this period Adelaide based PPHC Study Group was active on the internet presenting some of Pegg's work on their website and other forums, and often invited people to conduct on-line evaluations.

2007     a Business, a Website, and a Summary Report - all entitled

World Breaking Discoveries

An on-line virtual News & Information Distribution business was commenced and a website setup in order to distribute (in PDF format) a commissioned publication entitled World Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins regarding ten years of research and findings.

World Breaking Discoveries also has a licence to distribute other titles and reports made by the Australian Time Detectives Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly plus subsequent examinations and findings by PPHC Study Group.

World Breaking Discoveries has designed and provided web page templates for The Pegg Project® series of websites, but the content, opinions, and conculsions are those of Ronald Pegg (1996-2002) and Eddy Pengelly (2003-2006, 2008-2011).


The Book with Seven Seals FOUND and Identified
is an online interactive evaluation of one of the consequences of Ronald Pegg's findings.

2013     NEWS Videos Produced

Egyptian Glyphs Depict Computer Technology
Angels in the Bible were Time Travellers

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