World Breaking Discoveries


Modern OBJECTS - FOUND documented in Ancient Texts

WHO   found by Australian researcher RONALD PEGG

WHEN   1996 to 2002

Some form of Time Travel - Back to the Past - has occurred

wherein Ancient Texts ANGELS are reported, they were TIME TRAVELLERS who took back modern cd-roms and a computer to show certain ancient people their contents and historical information.

To CORRECT past misunderstandings due to previous Encounters back to the past and in order to be able to Redress them without changing the timeline.

When compared, some descriptions within Ancient Texts exactly match with the pictorial and historical contents of these two cd-roms.

Evaluation by Pegg of over 20 Ancient Texts from different countries and different times spanning 3,000 BCE to 2,000 CE reveal modern cd-rom contents and history documented, described, and depicted therein.

2002 to 2006 by an independent private researcher* who's initial sarcastic response was 'Well then Mr Pegg...We'll see about that...Show us your proof' - and amazingly, Ronald Pegg did !

* Eddy Pengelly (Chief researcher PPHC Study Group Adelaide, South Australia, 2003-2006)

You can READ Pengelly's Summary Report for yourself now

World Breaking DiscoveriesWorld Breaking Discoveries - A New Era Begins, 2007
10 years of Findings and Conclusions reveal world-breaking consequences.

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Pegg's conclusions are going to upset many people - the consequences will Re-Write History

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