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Is John Page still involved with the project
Why has it taken so long for the real meanings of the ancient texts to be discovered
Why would ancient people think that the compact disks were gifts from the gods
I dont see how this can be purported to be evidence of anything more than the CD graphics based on ancient text
As soon as the 'time travellers' arrived and appeared to the prophets, wouldn't this have altered history
Isn't the mid 1800s picture of Smith just showing a glass plate, and not a plastic CD container
Where does The Book of Mormon describe floppy and cd-roms as 24 plates, 8 large and 16 smaller
What about all the other different cultures: How would they have translated the languages of the CD-Roms
Why did 'time messengers' go back to the past
Why then, did 'time messengers' go back to the past, again
Did 'time messengers' go back to the past yet again to endeavour to correct these things
Why did 'time messengers' keep taking back the same computer and cd-roms to the past
Why were those particular cd-roms chosen
Why did they take back a 386 personal desktop computer
Why not return to the past with more sophisticated wireless hardware
Where was the electricity source to power computers in the ancient world
How long did the messenger(s) stay in the past to teach people how to use the compact disks
What language would have been used to communicate with all the different cultures
Why not just go back in time to just right before you went back in the first place and stop the first mistake
Why are religious texts, in particular the Old Testament, the literature being researched
How did the time travellers overcome the Ancients' natural superstitions around "foreign" artefacts
How do you overcome the obvious paradox of time travel
Contact with the various "prophets" and showing visions of the future, could this not act to change the future
Christ and Moses spent 40 days fasting in the desert. How does Pegg relate this to the cd-rom
The transfiguration when Messiah's face shone on the mountain.  Moses'face had similar effect while in Sinai
Did Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly work together / Are they the same person ?
Isn't all this just ambiguous bits and pieces cherry picked and forced to fit a preconceived idea ?
Doesn't this all just comes down to a choice between what Pegg thinks and what scholars think ?
Because Pegg and Pengelly are unknown researchers without qualifications, doesn't what they say prove nothing ?
"I am not going to read Pegg's work until it is Peer Reviewed and appears in scientific journals"   Who has conducted a peer review of his findings ?
Pegg's arguments have been refuted several times by many people across many different forums and message boards

We wish to speak with Ron Pegg. Where is he ? Is it possible to contact him direct ?

Mr Pegg ceased his seven years of full time Study on 11th February 2002.
He then signed off from the whole project on 21st March 2002.
The group of people coordinating this web site do not know, and were never told of his location in Queensland, Australia. All urgent and important correspondence from Mr Pegg was via e-mail.

He states in his Study documents that
"I am not the issue. My Discoveries and Research, and the Evidence will speak for itself. Please focus on my Discoveries and personally examine all the Evidence for yourself, and do not come to a conclusion based upon preconceived ideas given to you by other people."

Mr Pegg is no longer contactable, even by e-mail.
We respect his privacy, and have never tried to find him.


Is John Page still involved with the project ? He seemed very keen.

No. Mr Page posted information on the web site in 2001 without Mr Pegg's permission. He was asked to stop doing so, and whether that had anything to do with it or not, he returned to his own state, and left me with the proof reading, correspondence clerk, and web master jobs. Mr Page said that his work took him back home.

This "event" between Page and Pegg - and the fact that I took over - is documented by Nostradamus in his Sestet #24, by date !!!   (See p135, A New Prespecive - The Bible and Nostradaus, PPHC. Eddy Pengelly, 2004)


Why has it taken so long for the real meanings of the ancient texts to be discovered ?

  1. The Historical and Astronomical events which are from the 1990s needed to have occurred before people would recognize those events, so it would not have been possible to understand what the texts were describing any earlier than now (except in general and abstract terms).

  2. 1990s technology was also needed to complete the understanding of these texts because CD-Roms from the mid 1990s are the source of the descriptions contained in the ancient writings.

  3. The translators of the King James Bible have not (in many cases) utilized the original root meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words when they translated the ancient words into Old English, plus the syntax and sentence order have been taken out of context due to the religious influences of those translators. The known religious stories are describing the wrong things.

If people of our generation (for example) did not know that a compact disk was round with a hole in the middle, is made up of various 'plastic' pieces pressed together in which the data is "burned" and then accessed from the backside, and that to extract and view this information, a computer with a cd-drive and a monitor is required, then we would have no idea to what Revelations 5:1 (for example) is referring.

"And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book [scroll] written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals"

Sat on the throne = placed on the cd-drive tray.
A book [scroll] written within and on the backside = the above description of a compact disk.
Seven seals = the seven Icons of the "book scroll" (ie. the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean multimedia CD-Rom).

The meanings of the Bible's words have been available since Dr James Strong derived his Bible concordance in the mid 1800s, but because compact disks were not invented until the late 1900s, no one has recognized these modern descriptions; until now.
Pegg explains that Moses was given two compact disks (the two stone tables) that were subsequently carried around in the Ark of the Covenant. While these words immediately bring forth religious imagery, let's look at the Etymology of these words to see exactly what they are describing in order to confirm that the above statement about Revelations 5:1 is in the modern context.

Hebrews 9:4 "Which had the golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron's rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant".

Ark of the Covenant
In Strong's Concordance (Hebrew section) there are two words for "ark". Hebrew Word #727 means 'a box', and while giving the meaning as 'box', Word #8392 says 'perhaps of foreign derivation' which means the scribe that translated the original Hebrew word into Old English (in 1611AD) was not sure from where this type of box originated: it was 'of foreign origin'. Word #1285 "covenant" means 'a compact'.
Therefore the ark of the covenant = an unknown type of box (of foreign origin) that contained compacts (being the two stones of Moses). By association, the stones are described as compacts.

Tables of the covenant
Hebrews 9:4 "…and the ark of the covenant overlaid round…" tells us of some of the objects contained in the Ark of the Covenant as being 'round'.
But what do the original Greek words tell us about the words "tables of the covenant" ?
In Strong's Concordance, Greek Word #4109 "tables" means 'flat plate', but its etymology comes from word #4111 which means 'to fabricate'.
So the original description of the word "tables" consists of 'a round fabricated flat plate'.

Greek Word #1242 "covenant" is given the phonetic sound in English letters as "diatheke".
When I try to pronoun this sequence of English letters, it sounds like di-ath-eke,
where the di sounds like 'de', the ath like 'ss', and the eke like 'ck'. This gives d-e-s-k (disk).
So the object described in Hebrews 9:4 as being in the Ark of the Covenant (ie. box of compacts) is a round fabricated flat plate disk.

The Mormon prophet Joseph Smith jnr. not only documents and describes religious plates in a box, but this picture shows exactly what he held in his hand.

Have the original Hebrew and Greek scribes described the same things ?
Is that foreign (from Jerusalem in 600BC) box of compacts capable of holding round fabricated flat plate disks ?

From the Book of Mormon.
Ether 3:1 "(now.....vessels.....and they were all white and clear, even as transparent glass…"
Here we are being told that there were eight transparent containers, but they were not identified as glass, but just 'like' transparent glass.
This nullifies the theory of some scholars who refute Mr Pegg's claim by saying that the witnesses are just holding a blank glass photographic plate.
The witnesses knew it was not glass, and that fact is documented in this verse.


Why would ancient people think that the compact disks were gifts from the gods,
and thus form the various religions from their encounters with these "visions and information" ?

Remember, they had no concept of the kind of technology with which we are familiar.

The colour insert of the Ancients CD-Rom (that is held in the front plastic opening cover) has upon it what has been taken to be an image of the Sun God.
The disk itself also has this "face of the Sun God".
In the introduction sequence (when the CD-Rom is run) this same face is one of the "five gods" that appear in the sky, above the ocean (on the computer monitor's screen).

Therefore anything and everything contained in this stone plate has been taken to be knowledge from this Sun God.

Combine with this the RedShift2 CD-Rom that shows the Astronomy of the Planets and the formation of the Earth in animation, and we can begin to see where the notion originated that the gods lived in the heavens, and that they formed the earth itself.
The ancient Egyptian and Muslim stories that tell of a "black rock from heaven" are referring to the black colour of this Astronomy compact disk (rock-stone). The meteorite that fell from heaven upon which they have based their black rock stories, appears in this CD-Rom.

But to be able to run these animations on an IBM PC,
the Apple Corporation's Quick-Time 2.11 programme needs to be installed first.

The ancient Hebrews took the green colour of the Grolier CD-Rom to represent a garden.
In Strong's Concordance Hebrew word #1588 "garden" means 'a fenced garden'.
(The green [grass] of the compact disk does appear to be deliberately 'fenced'.)
Within this garden are knowledge trees, and other levels of knowledge (including
the Persian Gulf War animation sequence).

By combining the Themes and Imagery from these three CD-Roms, the origin of the various Bible Stories (for example) can be seen. (The "Jesus Revealed" Slide show from the Visual Evidence section of this web site is an excellent examplar.)

Also, when the images of the Grolier green garden CD-Rom with its Knowledge Tree section, is combined with the RedShift2 installation of the Apple sub-routine (with the Apple Corporation's logo visible), and the Ancients Sun God's Sea and Land disk, it isn't hard to see how the idea originated of an apple coming from the Tree of Knowledge that grew in the garden that God created.


I dont see how this can be purported to be evidence of anything more than the CD graphics based on ancient text

One set of matching details could just be a coincidence, and could be the result of the makers of the cd-rom using one particular set of ancient descriptions as their source and inspiration.
Maybe also two or three (or four) could be passed off as 'just coincidences'.
But ten ancient sets of details from different time periods and countries matching is beyond a coincidence.

The same set of descriptions turn up in many ancient stories where most are associated with a messenger turning up in a bright light (or 'dream') carrying a stone of testimony (aka. wheel, tablet, plate, or disc) which tells of future things and provides 'visions'. These extra associated characteristics indicate that the same source was viewed by all the ancient writers and story tellers by the same means - and not that any one ancient story was the source used by the makers of the cd-rom for their imagery.

Regarding people's own conclusions, we are often asked, concerning the observed evidence from these experiments as being identical or very close to the Ancients cd-rom pictures...

"Is the imagery, on the cd-rom, evidence of someone or a group of people travelling back in time and showing the ancient people the images from it, or was the Ancients cd-rom created by people that have read any or all of the texts? They may have only been inspired, even subconsciously, to make the cd-rom the same or very similar to what is in the ancient texts."

If the descriptions in the Atlantis dialogues by Plato only matched to the cd-rom imagery, then, yes, you would have to conclude that the makers of the cd-rom used the Atlantis descriptions as inspiration.

If the descriptions in the Bablylonian stories only matched to the cd-rom imagery, then, yes, you would have to conclude that the makers of the cd-rom used Bablylonian descriptions as inspiration.

If...Akkadian…Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories...North American Indian Mythologies...Buddhism & Hindu Understanding...Old Testament...New Testament...Qur'an...Book of Mormon...each only matched, then, yes...

But all of the above cultures that DO match to the imagery from the Ancients cd-rom are NOT part of the history contained on that cd-rom. So why would the makers use imagery from over ten other cultures that they are not presenting on the cd-rom ?

The civilizations presented are from around the Mediterranean region from betwen 2000 BCE and 476 CE, being Etruria, Carthage, Roman Empire, Greece, Phoenicia and Egypt.
(The Egyptian section only presents seven video shows, and not pages of pictures.)

The Etrurian section shows things Eturian…
The Roman section shows things Roman…
The Greece section shows things Greek…
The Phoenician section shows things Phoenician…
The Carthage section shows things Carthagian…
…and NOT anything to do with Altantis, Babylon, Akkadia, Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories...North American Indian Mythologies...Buddhism & Hindu Understanding...Old Testament...New Testament...Qur'an, nor Book of Mormon.

Regarding: "Is the imagery, on the cd-rom, evidence of someone or a group of people traveling back in time and showing the ancient people the images from it."

Based upon ten years of investigations - we believe yes. In the Old Testament (Ezekiel), New Testament (Revelation), and Qur'an (Mohammed) encounters where the cd-rom imagery is described, there is an Angel reported as being present, and in the Bible accounts, this angel has a 'sealed book with seven seals' that is opened, and from which 'visions' are seen by the prophet. That prophet's descriptions of these 'visions' are of the contents of the Ancients cd-rom.

We conclude that this 'angel' is some form of time traveller.


As soon as the 'time travellers' arrived and appeared to the prophets, this would alter history from what it had been.

Yes, but only if the prophet CHANGED history by actually changing history. The warning given that the ancient religions were due to an encounter with a time traveller with the Ancients cd-rom and a computer was not understood.
What Pegg says, is that although this may have been the purpose of time travel back-steps, it failed because the prophets themselves may not have fully understand what was going on (and if they did, then it was suppressed). There was no major reaction to their "visions and information of the future" that stopped or ended the Hebrew religion at that time. It all became part of an oral myth or legend that ended up as a book (or two) in a subsequent religious text.

As far as Ezekiel and Daniel are concerned, their revelations did not change history - as the Hebrew faith continued. Their testimonies did add to the Hebrew faith, but did not CHANGE things that much. So history as such was not changed. In fact the ancient mythology was reinforced. (another 'mistake' as termed by Pegg)
So another time visit was made in 95 AD.

But the same has happened to John's revelations, as they too were pushed into the realm of 'a mystical religious future' that no man could understand. Again, history was not changed - and the ancient mythology was once again reinforced. But it took a new twist. A son of God - the Lamb of God was established (based upon the imagery from the Ancients cd-rom).

What is the interpretation for what happened to the travellers ?

After the debacle of leaving a computer and sets of disks with the locals back in 1230BC (which created even more mythology surrounding the oracle apparatus and its box of compacts {ark of covenant} being carried around the place until it was put in the Jerusalem Temple), I believe (based on Smith's report that the 'things' were taken back) that the travellers and their apparatus were taken back (to the future?) when they had finished telling of the future.

Do they cease to exist due to this alteration, or does it reproduce a second thread of time ?

They (the time travellers) would not cease to exist for two reasons;
(1) history wasn't changed (that much);
(2) they were visitors to the 600BC time frame and as such are exclusive from that time line, meaning that even if they died back then, this would have no consequence upon them being born in the future.

If things were changed, a new thread of time would be produced (not a second) that would overwrite history as we know it.
This is why (as Pegg says) the visits to the past were not to CHANGE things, but to place the warnings and evidence of these things plus the names and dates of the people who were going to find this information, and tell of it.
Finding out about it in the year 2000 as we did, has not changed history.
Nostradamus knew of this in the mid 1500s, but as his messages were encoded, and only decoded recently by Pegg, then history was not changed in the 1500s (even though future information was known at that time).

Also, you mention, I believe, 3 different prophets in different time periods. Did the travellers realize their mistake after the first encounter, and travel back to attempt to warn an earlier chosen one ?

Pegg asserts that each subsequent visit ended up being a mistake.
But as many people have pointed out to me, to have the technology to travel back in time - would you be so stupid as to make the same mistake over thirty times !

I believe that in order to NOT CHANGE history, time travel back-steps have been conducted to place hints and clues in ancient texts (actual modern historical events and imagery from modern cd-roms) so that the 'mistake' of the very first time travel experiment that caused the domino effect of religions being spawned would be acknowledged and corrected at this end of time rather than back in the past.

I see it this way:
At some time, a time travel experiment to show off the 'new toy' (time travel machine) took a computer and the cd-roms back to the past to show the ancient Middle Eastern people what their future holds. But the Chrononauts were perceived as 'angels' and the voice from the apparatus showing the images of gods - as 'the voice of GOD'.
The early "stone from heaven' cults were due to some people viewing the RedShift2 astronomy cd-rom and basing their 'religion' on the shown images.
Other groups viewed the Ancients cd-rom with the Flood and Creation myths being spawned (as too the Atlantis and Greek & Roman classical legends), while the visual (1991 Persian Gulf War) history from the Grolier cd-rom provided the 'history' that appears in some books of the Old Testament (misinterpreted into the stories of festivals).

To correct these local 'mistakes' back-step visits were made to 600BC, with those encounters in Babylon being documented by the King of Babylon, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
To correct the local 'Christian mistakes' made by Paul and the Gospel writers, a back-step visit was made to John (on Patmos island).
To try to correct these on-going 'mistakes' a visit was made to Mohammed in 600AD and then to Joseph Smith in 1827.
Moving away from trying to correct the spawning of religions, new sets of back-steps were made to people such as Nostradamus in the mid 1500s (and other historical people who appear to have unusual knowledge future history, technology, or medical know-how).
Many back-steps were made to nearly every place, time, and civilization on our planet in order to place 'hints and clues' of all this in their various texts and artworks.
Ronald Pegg has found many of these clues - and has matched the described imagery and history to the contents of four particular modern cd-roms (and two history books).

If we were to go back to the past and STOP all the religions forming due to the first TT mistake, then our current history would be wiped - and we would not be here. All that would be left would be physical monuments that are able to stand thousand of years which leave us wondering how they were constructed (as all the technology would be lost when history was rewritten).


Isn't this 1827 picture of Joseph Smith and his witnesses, just showing a glass plate with his fingers showing through, and not a plastic CD container ?

It does look like a glass plate, doesn't it, and historically, photographic glass plates of that size were invented in that century, around the year Joseph Smith took possession of his "religious" articles. Add to this the fact that plastic was not discovered until much later, the notion of it being a plastic compact disk container seems to go against logic.

So we must carefully evaluate all the evidence to enable us to make a conclusion whether this is a picture of a glass (photographic) plate or a plastic compact disk container.

Glass Plate
In 1822 the "Camera", and in 1826 "Photography" were invented by Joseph Niepce. These devices utilized photographic glass "plates" and varied in size, but were approximately six to eight inches square and contained an image on the face of the glass when exposed. So they either had an image on them when they were exposed, or were blank and clear before they were exposed. Other than that, there was no content within the plate itself.

Plastic Container
On page 27 of the Mormon publication (6/95) "Truth Restored" is a picture of the Eight Witnesses and Smith holding the above box, and is partly entitled "and held in their hands the gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated".

On the 'Brief Explanation About' page of The Book of Mormon, it is explained that "the teachings of the prophets; the history by Mormon; a commentary by Moroni; and a record of the Jews" were contained in these plates.
(Could a blank glass plate contain all that information ?)

One plate in particular, The Plate of Brass, is said to have contained "the five books of Moses, a record of the Jews, and also the prophecies of the holy prophets". These are referring to the Pentateuch, the Historical Writings (of Kings and Chronicles for example), and the Prophetic books.

Visual evidence from the above picture gives that either a glass plate or a plastic compact disk container is being held in the person's hand.
Now to take into account what was contained in that plate.

Does a blank, unexposed (or exposed) glass photographic plate (of the mid 1800s) contain "the five books of Moses, the Historical Writings of the Jews, and the prophecies of the holy prophets" ?


This is the Holy Bible CD-Rom. It is a brass colour.
A compact disk looks somewhat like a plate.
Compact disks are normally housed in a plastic container.
They can contain much information.

Does this Brass Plate contain "the five books of Moses, the Historical Writings of the Jews, and the prophecies of the holy prophets" ?


From the visual and documented evidence, the glass photographic plate is NOT the answer.


Where does The Book of Mormon describe floppy and cd-roms as 24 plates, 8 large and 16 smaller ?

(Extract from p164 Ancient Chronicles Unsealed, Ronald Pegg, 2003)
"It is 'software' that makes a computer system operate, and comes on both 3.5 inch Floppy discs and 4.75 inch optical compact discs. These are reported in the Mormon's Book of Ether.
Ether 1:2 "I take mine account from the twenty and four plates which were found by the people of Limhi, which is called the Book of Ether".
Ether 3:1 (in part) "(now the number of the vessels which had been prepared was eight)...and did molten out of a rock sixteen small stones".

From a total of 24 'plates', there are 8 vessels, and 16 small stones.
(8 + 16 = 24)
The "vessels" are described different to the small "stones" (therefore they are larger). As previously discovered, these "vessels" are exactly described in Numbers 7:84-85 as colourless square breast-plates that contain 120mm compact disks.
"Small" stone plates = floppy discs: "Large" plates (vessels) = CD-Roms.

Thus the ancient people of Limhi found 16 floppy discs and 8 CD-Roms in a "box" (ark) that was originally used for the computer (Oracle) in Jerusalem (at the temple of the Lord)."

Does it take 16 floppy discs to load the software for a 386 VGA computer with a double-speed CD-Rom Drive and a Sound Card to run the three mentioned CD-Roms?

Floppy Discs            
MS-DOS 6.21, 1993 4
Intel Processor Utilities, 1992 1
Graphics Disc 1
Sound Blaster CD, 1994 1
Video Blaster SE, 1993 1
MS_WINDOWS 3.11, 1993 8 = 16

CD_Roms (with system)
Sound Blaster CD graphics, 1994 1
Sound Blaster CD, 1994 1
Screen Singer 006, 1994 1
Grolier Encyclopedia, 1993 1
MS-VIDEO, 1993 1         
Other CD-Roms            
Ancient Civilizations, 1995 1
RedShift2, 1998 1
Holy Bible, 1998 1 = 8

This gives a total of 16 floppy discs; and 8 CD-Roms = 24 plates.


What about all the other different cultures: How would they have translated the languages of the CD-Roms ?

Mostly they didn't.
That's the whole problem. They viewed the pictures and heard the sounds but did not understand the written words. This is what caused the original enigma. Within their limited vocabulary and knowledge, the various 'prophets' (and mythical stories) do describe the various images from the CD-Roms fairly well, but they totally missed the point that this was historical evidence of future history.

To them this "technology" (the oracle stones) could only have come from their religious God.
They were unable to comprehend (for example) how the "history" they saw could be "future history", as history to them was always in the past.

In many cases, the person ('prophet') having the encounter with the messenger (Time Traveller) was also told the information, and was not just left to view the pictures.
For example, in Revelations 7:4 (New Testament) it is clear that John was told the number 144,000 as he reports "I heard the number...".

The 1995 Ancients CD-Rom was also produced in French, German and Italian. Which version was taken back and what language the 'messenger' spoke is not known.


Why did 'time messengers' go back to the past ?

Ronald Pegg believed that when a time machine was (will be) built, the first field trip was back to the ancient Middle East, somewhere around the Mesopotamian region.
The purpose was simple - using their new toy (time machine) and showing off, the chrononauts gave a 'show and tell' of the future to the very first civilized people they could find.
It has been proposed that historical cd-roms were selected which were relevant to neighbouring regions (from which future civilizations would emerge), but would mean nothing to the ancient locals due to their lack of geographical understanding. In this way, the experiment could be a success without damaging history. If the people could not understand what they were seeing, then the brief appearance of modern technology and the showing of future information would not change history.


Why then, did 'time messengers' go back to the past, again ?

In order to try to correct the side affect of the time travel experiment (ie. the first field trip).
While not understanding the future events, the ancient people perceived the chrononauts to be angels, and the images from the cd-roms gave rise to stories about gods. Thus sprouted Religions and the worshipping of various gods that cascaded through the Middle East and affected the Sumerian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian civilizations (just to mention a few).

Eddy Pengelly believes this second trip back to the past to try to correct these misunderstandings was to ancient Egypt.
In order to overturn the idea of many gods and to explain that the concept was falsely derived from cd-rom images, a desktop computer and the same compact disks were taken back so that Egyptian priests could be shown exactly from where the stories told by the Mesopotamians originated.

The plan not only failed and the concept of worshipping many gods (ie. those depicted from the cd-roms) continued, but the belief of just one god also developed on two fronts (ie. monotheistic worship).
The Egyptian Aten religion, headed by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (who married Nefertiti), and The Hebrew religion, from the stories told by the Egyptian priest Moses.


Did 'time messengers' go back to the past yet again to endeavour to correct these things ?

A third trip back to the past to try to correct the Hebrew misunderstandings was to ancient Babylon (circa 590BCE. Ezekiel and Daniel). It failed, and the Hebrew Faith was further reinforced by more stories.
A fourth trip back to Jerusalem circa 30CE to explain the origin of the Hebrew Faith also failed. The resultant new religion was Christianity. The identity of the person(s) who had the encounter(s) is not clear, but may include Paul, Mark, Matthew, and/or the historical person known as Jesus.*
A subsequent trip back to John on the island of Patmos (circa 95CE) was an attempt to correct the newly emerging Christian Religion.

The accounts by Ezekiel and Daniel, and John (in Revelations), tell of time messengers (angels) showing them particular images from a 'sealed round history book' (Ancients cd-rom). They were also told about certain future astronomical and historical events (now known as SIGNS).

Two other attempts to try to correct the misunderstandings and the formation of religions also failed, as new types of religions evolved due to time messenger encounters. Mohammed in circa 600CE and Joseph Smith Junior in 1827CE were visited, and went on to form the Muslim and Mormon Religions respectively.

* An interesting theory…
Historically, Paul was the first person to mention the religious character Jesus. (He is documented as seeing the SCALA logo from the Ancients cd-rom.)
We have found that this religious 'Son of God' known as Jesus is just an amalgam of stories based upon the imagery from the Ancients cd-rom.
Mark was the first person to write about the Life and Parables of the religious character Jesus (ie. he too saw and described the Ancients cd-rom imagery).

While the religious character is fictional, there was a real historical man called Jesus, being the one who visited and taught in the Jerusalem Temple, and who was put to death by the Jews and Romans for speaking against Hebrew and Roman beliefs.

Of all the 'prophets' who had encounters with time messengers (angels or God), the historical real person Jesus is the only one throughout history who personally did not author any religious text. Why might this be, when all the other prophets were told to write down what they saw ?

One proposed theory is that the real man Jesus was a time messenger who was trying to correct the Hebrew's misunderstanding by showing the cd-rom presentations in the Jerusalem temple to such people as Paul and Mark. They wrote down what they saw, albeit misunderstood.

Was Jesus taken away and put to death for his teachings, and for using the Oracle in the Temple ?
Was the computer then taken away by the Romans in 70AD when they sacked the Jerusalem Temple ?


Why did 'time messengers' keep taking back the same computer and cd-roms to the past ?

The computer and cd-roms were the means by which certain information, particularly pictures, of the same modern events could be shown to ancient people in an attempt to make them document in their texts what will happen in their distant future.
When it was discovered that a time experiment and visit to Mesopotamia was the initial cause of Religions, it was decided to show ancient people a particular future war (the 1991 Persian Gulf War) that will be fought in the name of Religion in the same country (now known as Iraq), in an attempt to persuade them that what the previous prophets saw was not from a divine God or gods .


Why were those particular cd-roms chosen ?

Specifically, the Grolier cd-rom shows an audio-visual presentation of the future Mesopotamian (ie. Iraq) war. As previously noted, the Ancients cd-rom was relevant to neighbouring regions from which future civilizations would emerge. The RedShift2 cd-rom contains an astronomical event that occurred in 1992/4, being the comet ShoemakerLevy 9 incidents.

They all contain particular historical information (ie. modern historical events and people) that provide a combined datable set of resources. While this data was shown to ancient people, it meant nothing to them, and as such, would not change or destroy the time line (ie. change our historical past). But because these (future) details were written down in ancient texts, when they actually occur (in the future), certain people would be able to recognize these events and literally decode the Bible (and other ancient texts).

A more basic answer is that they are all of the same era, and as such, run on the same desktop computer system. One of the disks (Grolier) came with the PC386 cd-drive up-grade package.


Why did they take back a 386 personal desktop computer ?

It was the minimum system that would run the four particular cd-roms.

At some time in the future, someone was going to notice that the images from a certain cd-rom that run on a certain computer match to the described imagery by nearly all the ancient prophets. (From a religious perspective, this was the foretold 'unsealing of the Book with Seven Seals'.) That someone was Ronald Pegg from Queensland Australia (the biblical Second Witness). In contrast to all the previous ancient people who were shown the images on a computer due to some type of time travel encounter (ie. visions in a bright light by an angel), Pegg just went out and bought the current 'modern' computer package from his local shop - which just happened to include one of the cd-roms.

If a different type of computer was taken back to the past each time, then there would not be a consistent trail of clues documented in ancient texts that could be traced back (forward) to a particular computer system.
As Pegg was using the same computer and cd-roms that were documented in ancient texts, it was easy for him to identify the technology being described and the contents of the cd-roms.


Why not return to the past with more sophisticated wireless hardware ?

For similar reasons as previously stated. Pegg may not have recognised sophisticated wireless hardware back in 1998 when he first made his cd-rom discoveries.

A report made by Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery on Sunday April 3 1836 in Kirtland U.S.A. appears to describe a laptop computer, but this has not yet been verified.


Where was the electricity source to power computers in the ancient world ?

It is surmized that if the technology was available to make and send a time machine, chrononauts, and a computer back in time, then it would be a relative simple matter to power an older style computer.

It was earlier explained that Noah's Ark was a computer carry and storage box. The computer fitted into the smaller end, while the 200 x 50 x 30 cm end contains enough space for a series of batteries that would be able to power a computer.


Explaining computer usage to grandparents can pose a huge challenge even when there is no language barrier.
How long did the messenger(s) stay in the past to teach people how to use the compact disks (ie. the sealed 'history books') ?

It is believed that each visit was very short, and that only the particular ancient person (now known as a prophet) was shown the cd-rom presentations on a computer so they could record what they were told and what they viewed. They were not taught how to use the computer as such, but some were specifically shown how to load a new compact disk and use the mouse themselves (eg. John of Patmos and Nostradamus).


What language would have been used to communicate with all the different cultures given the obvious language diversity ?

We do not know the answer to that, but language may not have been totally necessary. Pictures were the medium. You do not need words to show men fighting (in the case of the Grolier's War presentation).
Any modern language spoken by the time messengers would not have been understood by the ancient Mesopotamians nor the Egyptians.

But this question may be relevant for later encounters.
The Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean CD-Rom was distributed in the four languages of English, French, German, and Italian.

Was the Italian version sent back to the Roman and Greek eras (and to John on Patmos island) along with an Italian speaking chrononaut specifically to communicate with the Latin speaking Romans and Greeks (cf. Delphi Oracle) ?

Was the French version and a French speaking chrononaut sent back to Nostradamus ?

Was the German version being sent back to Martin Luther in Germany the catalyst for the Reformation in the 1500s ?

Did Joseph Smith Jnr view the English version in circa 1830CE ?


Why not just go back in time to just right before you went back in time in the first place and stop yourself from making the mistake in the first place ?

Our world society is made up of countries that have based their various religious beliefs upon the understanding of their prophet's misunderstood account of his encounter with a time traveller and what he was told and shown. Many world empires and countries were assembled according to these beliefs and have resulted in the cultures and societies that we now see in the 21st century.

If we were to go back to 'the day before' the very first misunderstanding was made, and stop the first time traveller from speaking to the Mesopotamian people, then ideally the non-encounter would result in the various religious beliefs not emerging - problem solved.

BUT - if no religions emerged (as our history has shown), then those history books would then not be written, and everything and everyone that has lived and died since that very first 'time encounter' would cease to exist - because if we wipe clean the effect of the first time encounter, we wipe all of our history and we wipe away ourselves.

This is why (Mr Pegg concludes) the various attempts to correct the very first time encounter occurred progressively over time but in a forward time stream. In this way the past would not be deleted, nor would the present, and the world as we know it would remain the same until the hidden and encoded messages in the ancient texts were discovered and revealed.


Why are religious texts, in particular the Old Testament, the literature being researched ?

Although the Old Testament contains at least three specifically documented encounters with "messengers" who relate future historical information and show the same series of cd-roms, it has not been singled out.
The Christian New Testament plus the Muslim and Mormon chronicles each tell of similar encounters. In our book, World Breaking Discoveries in appendix 2, a short list of more research undertaken regarding ancient cultures and/or Religions that also document these things is provided. Most recorded accounts just happen to be known as religious texts.
The non-religious works of Nostradamus also contain (encoded) reports of modern events and people plus descriptions of cd-rom imagery.


How did the time travellers overcome the Ancients' natural superstitions around "foreign" artefacts ?

We do not know. Many were probably struck with fear and avoided interaction with the travellers. While they only spoke to a limited number of people and for only a brief time, they were perceived as "angels", the computer system was perceived as an Oracle, and the pictures on the screen were perceived as gods. Apparently fear and superstition eventually turned into organized religion.

As far as being 'foreign artefacts', they may have been regarded in awe for what they could do and show. Some may have seen the computer system as a collectable item worthy of acquiring.

Did the Egyptian priest Moses confiscate the computer from the Egyptian Temple, build a new transport box (the religiously described Ark of the Covenant), and take it to Jerusalem and install it in the Holy of Holies room of the Temple ?

Did King Nebuchadnezzar appropriate the computer from the Jerusalem Temple in circa 600BCE and take it home to Babylon ?

Did the man Jesus commandeer a computer from the Jerusalem Temple in 30CE and begin to show its presentations to the general population ?

Did the Romans in 70CE remove this computer from the Jerusalem Temple and take it to Rome ?


How do you overcome the obvious paradox of time travel ?

We do not understand how time travel may work, nor do we know how to build a time machine. But instead of spending time on things we do not know, we utilized our time examining the things that we can observe and evaluate. We considered Pegg's claims one by one, and to date, most of them have been verified.

As an analogy, to drive our cars we do not need to know how to build one or know how the internal electronics work - we just learn the essentials and drive around.

Based upon Pegg's research and evidence plus our own research and findings, the conclusion we derive is one of technological Time Travel. How it may work we do not know, but a large sequence of imagery and historical content from particular modern cd-roms are documented in ancient texts.

Is the notion of a 'paradox of time' just a figure of speech - a convenient mind set by people who do not yet understand ?


If the time travellers made contact with the various "prophets" and showed them visions of the future, could this not act to change the future they had predicted ?

Yes, if it was not done properly.
The first rule of Time Travel would be not to go back to an earlier time to actually change anything. The only way to make change is to pick a future point in time at which the whole world's Religious systems will be eliminated and the concept of divine gods or God can be dismissed. (This could be before or after a time machine is invented, as once invented, it would have access to any time era.)
Prior to this 'future point in time' (say December in the year 2012), the mistakes need to be found and acknowledged, then acted upon.

Once advised (by reading Pegg's work for example), the Time Machine people would arrange for time travel back-steps so that warnings can be given to ancient people who then write it all down. This 'future information' would then sit in ancient texts, misunderstood as part of the world's arcane mysteries, until someone recognizes it after those 'future event' actually occur. Then knowing was has occurred, steps can be taken to tell the people the truth about the origins of Religions.

In this way, the future as told to the ancient prophets happens as documented - including the formation of Religions plus the wars and other problems they spawned. Then once discovered and verified, at a certain point of time (say 12th October 2000) it can be announced that "the world's Religions sprouted due to time travel encounters". The discoveries first need to be verified and publicized, then a future point of time can be selected at which the world may be able to look forward to a new era without Religions and their associated cleansing wars and retribution.


Christ and Moses spent 40 days fasting in the desert. How does Pegg relate this to the cd-rom ?

From the Voyage screen of the Ancients cd-rom you have to click on what looks like the Sun (ie. the red Windrose Compass) to journey to the different civilizations. To return after your visit, the screen goes black and blank. To an ancient person viewing these images, it would have been like taking one day (ie. a day and night) to make the trip.

The "desert" refers to the desert of the Map Page (which is a map of the deserts surrounding the Mediterranean Basin).

There are 40 Headings (icons) and sub-headings contained within the Ancients cd-rom.
40 days in the desert = wandering around and visiting each of these headings.

- -
Voyage Screen
Map Page
in each Civilization

Up-Arrow, Chimera, She-Wolf, 2x Phoenician Head, Capital, Nefertiti
Grey Sailboat, Open Book, Places, and History
Sub-headings within
Everyday Life, Military Life, Religious Life
Architecture, Art, Economy, Society, Military Life, Religious Life
Architecture, Art, Economics, Society, Military Life, Religious Life
Institutions, Economy, The City
Everyday Life, Military Life, Religious Life
Alexandria, Cairo, Beni Hassan, Dendera, Thebes, Edfu, Abu Simbel


Now, the transfiguration when Messiah's face shone like firefly took place at the peak of the mountain. Moses' face had similar effect while in Sinai. How does Pegg reconcile these two events ?

The Transfiguration of Jesus is the New Testament equivalent story of Moses seeing The Glory of God on the mountain.
(The following are Extracts from A New Perspective, PPHC, 2004.)

Moses and the Burning Bush
Ronald Pegg asserts that this part of the story is a verbal description of an image from the Grolier Encyclopedia cd-rom, with associated accounts being cited imagery from the Ancients cd-rom. The amalgamated imagery disguise the occurrence that the Egyptian person named as Moses encountered a Time Traveller who gave him and showed him the two mentioned cd-roms. (This encounter may have occurred at the Elephantine Temple in Egypt.)

Story Overview
The Hebrew prophet Moses is said to have received the Torah direct from God while journeying from Egypt. He climbed a mountain, saw an angel, and was given the name of God, plus two stone tablets of testimony. Moses also held a rod, and saw the Glory cloud of the Lord cover the mountain.

The Old Testament relates this story in the Book of Exodus…
3:1 "…he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God".
3:2 "And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in…a burning bush".
3:14 "And God said unto Moses, I AM that I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you".
4:2 "The LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, a rod (with a tail - 4:4)".
24:15-16 "And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount. And the glory of the LORD abode upon mount Sinai".
31:18 "And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God".

The two tablets of Testimony = the two cd-roms: Ancients and Grolier.
The "rod" = the computer's mouse and cable (and in the "turn into a serpent" account, Ex 4:3, the movement of the cable looks and acts like a snake's body, and the 'mouse' its head).

White bordered highlight box = The Glory The Ancients imagery
The "flock of the desert" = the four animal icons from the Map page. The word "desert" affirms this, as in Hebrew it means 'a pasture, an open field whither cattle are driven', with the meaning of 'desert' only being implied.
"Came to the mountain" = the Greek icon was selected, and the orange mountain of the Greek contents page appeared.

The "Glory cloud of the Lord" that is "upon the mountain of God" = the highlighted white box that surrounds the various icons as Moses used his rod (mouse and cable) to move the cursor up and down the mountain of the Greek screen.

The transformation is the visual and literal changing of the white Spirit like Sailboat Cursor from a white sailboat to a white bordered shaded highlight box that then appears around the various active icons on the screen.

Transfiguration of Jesus explanation
In the Old Testament, this occurrence involved Moses going up the mountain and seeing "the glory of the Lord" (Exodus 24:15-16).
In the New Testament, Mark describes this 'glory' - the white highlighted box that surrounds the active icons from the Greek civilization's orange mountain - as Jesus being transfigured.

(Specific descriptions/images have been given numbers for reference purposes)
On the Ancients cd-rom, when we leave(1) the Phoenician civilization and visit the Greeks, on screen appears a large orange mountain(2). As we 'walk up'(3) the side of this mountain visiting each of the six icons(4), some of those icons are surrounded and highlighted with a snow-white border(5) and shaded within(6). The musical* soundtrack(7) for this Greek presentation is different to that heard in the Phoenician presentation. The icon at the top of the mountain is Religious Life, and when selected, on screen appears three more iconic Headings: The Cult of the Dead; Principal Deities; and The Temple.
Deities Icon The Principal Dieties icon is a white bordered box the same colour and size as those on the mountain but instead of being shaded, there are three people standing in it(8). When The Temple icon is selected a sequence of three separate Temples are seen(9). The Cult of the Dead presentation informs us about the ancient Greek practice of a dead person's body being placed in a tomb on the third day after their death(10).
(*Remember, Greek word 5456 "voice" means 'a tone' as in musical instruments.)

Mark, in verses 9:2-9 describes this sequence of imagery as:
And after six days(4)…leadeth them up(3) into an high mountain(2) apart(1) by themselves: and he was transfigured before them. And his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow(5); And there appeared unto them Elias with Moses: and Jesus(8). Let us make three tabernacles(9); And there was a cloud that overshadowed them(6): and a voice came(7)…they should tell no man what things they had seen, till the Son of man were risen from the dead(10).


Did Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly work together / Are they the same person ?

No they did not, and no they are not.

Ronald Pegg conducted his research in Townsville, Queensland, between 1998 to 2002.
The Pegg Project BOOKLETSWorks: over 1,000 A4 size pages.
PaRDeS - The Secret Garden - 1996 to 2000. Booklets 1-9
Summary Books - 1996 to 2001. Booklets 10-14
Final Pieces of the Puzzle - 2001 to 2002. Booklets 15-17
Other - 2002. Booklets 18-20

Mr Pegg ceased his seven years of full time Study on 11th February 2002.
He then signed off from the whole project on 21st March 2002.
The group of people coordinating this web site do not know, and were never told of his location in Queensland, Australia. All urgent and important correspondence from Mr Pegg was via e-mail.
He states in his Study documents that

I am not the issue. My Discoveries and Research, and the Evidence will speak for itself. Please focus on my Discoveries and personally examine all the Evidence for yourself, and do not come to a conclusion based upon preconceived ideas given to you by other people.
Mr Pegg is no longer contactable, even by e-mail. We respect his privacy, and have never tried to find him.

Eddy Pengelly is the name of a South Australian researcher who conducted his investigations in Adelaide.
He peer reviewed some of Pegg's Bookets between 2002 and 2003 then published a summary report entitled
Ancient Chronicles Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg (and in 2006 Nostradamus Unsealed).

He conducted his own research regarding specific case studies and published the titles
A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus in 2004 and
A New Bible Commentary - Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelations in 2005.
He then made further discoveries of his own and published the results in
A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis in 2006.







Is there even any real evidence that Mr Pegg existed, other then as an Internet Presence ?

Reply by Eddy Pengelly
Well, someone from Queensland, using their 07 State area code, contacted me several times by telephone during the late 1990s.
Then there are the signed letters from Ronald Pegg, post dated 'Queensland' that I received.
Then there is his autobiographical work that contains personal details, as well as details of his work and how the time travellers communicated him, including the placement of the message that James Strong who compiled Strong's Concordance (during the 1800s in America) was the decoding key.

Someone phoned, wrote, and gave me work to examine. He said his name was Ronald Pegg from Townsville, Queensland (Australia). So in good faith (as anyone would do), I concluded from what was presented to me that, someone called Ronald Pegg, from Queensland was a researcher who had made some amazing discoveries.

Isn't all this just ambiguous bits and pieces cherry picked and forced to fit a preconceived idea ?

If only two or three random unrelated biblical verses were to be used then compared to selected pictures from the cd-rom, then there would be a strong argument for 'cherry picking'.

But in this case a specific topic from the Bible itself is being studied. Reported is a 'book' that is being held in the hand of a visiting messenger. The descriptions of this book and its contents are not random, and are clearly stated by at least three biblical writers: 8 Book attributes and 51 vision descriptions from the Book of Revelation, 5 Book attributes and 96 vision descriptions from the Book of Ezekiel, and 69 dream and vision descriptions from the Book of Daniel.

Those documented descriptions have been extracted to form the basis of the evaluation, as explained on the 'Home' and 'Premise' pages and summarized on the 'Explained' page.

Some people confuse a general 'preconceived idea' with a point by point investigation using the scientific method where what they think is just a 'preconceived idea' is actually a derived hypothesis.   Scientific Method details here
The evaluation presented on this website is at the pointy end of 15 years of research and has employed only three of over 30 ancient texts found to contain descriptions of the cd-rom.

Matching one 'fact' (ie. matching one biblical description) to one picture from the cd-rom would be cherry picking, but matching over 200 descriptions from mostly consecutive verses is not.
Three biblical writers who document an encounter with an 'angel' relate what they were shown (and told).
Ezekiel does this in over 45 often sequential verses.
Daniel does this in over 30 often sequential verses.
John does this in over 25 often sequential verses.

The pictures presented in the Evaluation are not random images nor have they been 'forced'.
They are pictures and images, and sequences of images from the mid 1990s Ancients cd-rom that, when compared to the sequence of descriptions from three biblical writers, match to not only what is being described (ie. the content of the picture) but to the sequence of pictures themselves and often actions taking place on the screen.

The 12 minute video on the 'Contents Compared' page shows from over 45 verses (mostly consecutive*) 90 descriptions matching to images from a particular sequence of pictures from the Ancients cd-rom.

* Ezekiel 1:4,5,7-12,15-18,20,26-28; 4:1, 8:3-7; 40:1-3,5-7,9,11,13-15,48,49; 41:1-5,7-12.


Doesn't this all just comes down to a choice between what Pegg thinks and what scholars think ?

No. As pointed out in earlier answers, what scholars think is based upon the 'given religious meanings' as can be found in Strong's Concordance and other Bible commentaries, often being based upon what their own religious views may dictate and/or what their religious tradition says.

Mr Pegg did not write Strong's Concordance nor provide the original Hebrew and Greek word meanings as found in its Lexicons. Mr Pegg has not made up any meanings. He is clearly citing what is printed in the Lexicons, being either the word's original root meaning or the meaning based upon its etymological context. He often sources the closest language to the writer's time, and uses the local meaning of the word (such as small wheel, rotula in Latin) instead of the given interpreted meaning of some Old English religious scholar some 1200 years later.
In many, many cases, scholars have NOT used the original Hebrew nor Greek word meanings.

To study the Bible one needs a reference book.
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance "has been the standard Bible concordance for pastors, scholars, and laypersons for over a century". (citation from its rear cover)
As Mr Pegg is using the same resource that pastors, scholars, and laypersons have been using for over a hundred years, it is not a case of 'what Pegg thinks'.

The original Hebrew and Greek root meanings of words excluded from the KJV Bible's translation ARE revealing a different message.

Ronald Pegg provided a brief set of exercises* (see page 28) to prove his point.  DOWNLOAD Study Sheets
* pp25-29 extracted from Ronald Pegg's Booklet Fourteen, Bible Mysteries Confronted, May 2001. (used with permission)


Because Pegg and Pengelly are unknown researchers without qualifications, doesn't what they say prove nothing?

It is not a matter of 'what they are saying' as they are simply pointing out that (for example) when the original Hebrew and Greek meanings as found documented in the Lexicons of Strong's Concordance are used instead of the given traditional religious meanings, messages hidden beneath the layers of traditional religious interpretation and rhetoric are describing encounters with time travellers showing selected ancient people the contents of several cd-roms on a desktop computer.

When the Bible's word meanings are checked, many are found NOT to be the original meanings.
When the revealed 'original message' is compared to the contents of the Ancients cd-rom, there IS a match of descriptions to images.
The 'Book with Seven Seals' case study returns over a 90 percent positive result.
So the evidence itself proves the claim.

To put it another way, using the scientific method, anyone can use the resources cited, conduct their own investigation, and reproduce the result for themselves.

Claiming 'Pegg and Pengelly are not recognized scholars' has nothing to do with the results nor the actual written resources that they used and from which they derived their conclusions.
It does not matter who made these discoveries nor who first peer reviewed Pegg's claims.
Pegg (nor Pengelly) did not write the original Ezekiel, Daniel, nor Revelation texts.
Pegg (nor Pengelly) did not write the modern translations of the Bible (which contain those texts).
Pegg (nor Pengelly) did not produce the 1995 Ancients cd-rom.
Pegg (nor Pengelly) did not write nor produce Strong's Concordance and its Lexicons.

All these ancient written testimonies were produced before Pegg (and Pengelly) were born and the modern books published before they knew of them, hence they had nothing to do with any of the input into any of those resources.
The evidence existed before Ronald Pegg discovered it. He just happened to be the person to find it.


"I am not going to read Pegg's work until it is Peer Reviewed and appears in scientific journals"
Who has conducted a peer review of his findings ?

{Reply by Eddy Pengelly}
I was one of the first to examine and evaluate Pegg's work over ten years ago. When it showed that it warranted further investigation I commenced a 'peer review' which is still underway today. For example, last year I completed a new evaluation of the Books of Daniel and Revelation using Pegg's methods and concluded from all the evidence presented that they both describe and document their encounters with time travellers and the cd-roms.

Pegg's work has been on the internet for over ten years during which I have been asking people for help. There were only a limited number of interested people here in Adelaide where I live, so I turned to the internet where people with similar interests were discussing these topics. I do not have all the answers relating to Pegg's claims and discoveries.
During the 'show & tell' and investigation processes on the internet I was informed that people wanted to view the evidence. So I produced webpages and placed pictures thereon.
Some people then wanted detailed explanation, so I wrote my reports.

Soon it was then pointed out to me that a 'peer review' is required* regarding Pegg's work, so I asked for help with that issue on many forums.

* Astoundingly, there are people who refuse to read Pegg's work until 'it has been peer reviewed and appears in a scientific journal'. I have to ask "Why do some people need to be told by someone else what to believe ?"

I was informed that to study something a correct procedure is required. I researched this, implemented the scientific method of which I was advised and continued with my investigations. (explained earlier. See link in 'cherry picking' question.)

But interestingly, various people then came forward and claimed that the methodology of parts of my process were 'wrong' or 'invalid'. They then proceeded to argue among themselves (and with me) as to how the scientific method should be used, which one should be used, and where they thought my method was incorrect or deficient.
ALL of which had nothing to do with the topic of Pegg's discoveries themselves.

'Peer review' itself is similar. Some say it is essential, other say it is not, so again they started to argue among themselves (and with me), again, wasting time from actually evaluating the evidence presented by Pegg.

Here is an extract regarding PEER REVIEW. (bolding added)

Richard Horton, editor of the British medical journal The Lancet, has said that "The mistake, of course, is to have thought that peer review was any more than a crude means of discovering the acceptability - not the validity - of a new finding. Editors and scientists alike insist on the pivotal importance of peer review. We portray peer review to the public as a quasi-sacred process that helps to make science our most objective truth teller. But we know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong."
So it seems, Peer Review is more of an acceptability process rather than actually reviewing its validity.
Because of this the publisher of Ronald Pegg's discoveries and findings has chosen not to submit Pegg's work to a selected few, but instead offer it to everyone world-wide.

The last time a Peer Review was conducted on this topic, the educated Religious elite decided to compile past time travel encounter accounts into one book, they called the messengers 'Angels', and in order to continue to control the people they perpetuated the 'Son of God' idea (created by a Roman emperor).

Those elite were at the Roman Catholic Council of Carthage on 28 August 397 AD; the book - The Bible, with the religious bias and earlier misinterpretations being compounded during a later translation into Old English in 1611 AD.

But that council would not have been in a position to peer review anything of an advanced scientific nature.

That is the exact point Pegg is trying to make. Time Travel Encounters (ie. a personal contact with time travellers and a computer showing the pictures and sounds from the cited cd-roms) were perceived as Religious events, not the technological events they were.
The knowledgeable Religious Elite (the peers of those times) took it all to be a religious thing, and hence religious people thereafter continued to perpetuate a religious 'God' context.

Religious people with religious bias chose themselves to decide what it all meant.
Ergo their 'peer review' of the 'encounter stories' were deemed to be from a religious God.

Regarding the review and evaluation of those 'encounter texts', Ronald Pegg warns that everyone should have the opportunity to evaluate the evidence for themselves, and not to be told what to believe by the Religious elite (or even other academic sholars who themselves have been taught by a two to three thousand year 'religious system'). The Peer Review, this time, will be conducted individually by YOU, the reader.

Pegg's work isn't scientific. Real scientific/academic arguments have three legs to stand on:
1) The authors own observations/conclusions,
2) Outside support, provided in the form of citations to other scientific/academic works
3) Peer review, to ensure quality and to ensure selective quoting/citing hasn't been used to build a false argument.

This is an incorrect statement. Pegg's work does have the 'three legs'.

1) The authors own observations/conclusions
a) The original researcher/author was Ronald Pegg, 1996 to 2002.
    20 original research Booklets available, plus three other works not yet released.
b) From 2003 Eddy Pengelly made other new exclusive independent discoveries regarding similar topics.

2) Outside support
Eddy Pengelly, 1998 to 2008. Independent examination of Pegg's work, often redoing topics from original texts.
His own new academic works published 2004 to 2006.
"In the past I have used most of my work as examples on the internet on forums and a website. To be seen as a separate peer reviewer, I probably should have just shown Pegg's works, then linked to my citations." - Eddy Pengelly

3) Peer review
a) Eddy Pengelly, Australia, 1998 to 2002.
    Rechecked Pegg's quoting and citations of many ancient texts and references (as he proof read the Booklets).
b) James Burroughs, America, 2004.
    Rechecked Pegg's quoting and citations of Bible references (bkls 1-9).
    (Pegg's works were not yet in a clear concise form.)
c) PPHC Study Group formed in 2003 so the public themselves (mainly on the internet) could review Pegg's work.
d) TT2012 Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group formed in 2012 so people can personally attend to view the
    evidence, bring their own ancient texts, then hold and view the cd-roms to compare descriptions to pictures.
e) YOU


Pegg's arguments have been refuted several times by many people across many different forums and message boards

Actually they have not.
Many people disagree with what Pegg says he has found.
Many people do not follow his methodology.
Many people do not read the threads fully.
Many people do not follow the given links (by their own admissions) that contain the full explanations.
Many people only skim read (by their own admissions).
Others appear to repeat the information given but actually are giving mis-information (which others seem to take as truth instead of the information provided by the author and/or the given links).
Some people take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete an hour long evaluation which includes a 12 minute video of 41 key points (ie. they actually haven't read the work nor viewed the video carefully), while others went through and changed all the question results to zero.

These are the types of people whom some report and believe 'have refuted' Pegg's arguments.

Then there are the vocal minority. Some take personal digs at the authors or go off topic and/or add other topics not directly related to the 'Book with Seven Seals' presentation - and use any or all of their ranting opinions to say that their off-topic comments proves Pegg wrong. Others hijack the thread which often confuses people who may be seriously trying to follow the answers given to specific questions.

So no, Pegg's work has not been refuted. Violently disagreed with yes, not wanting to accept Pegg's conclusions, yes, distracting comments and personal attacks made, yes, but not refuted.

Around 10 descriptions have been refuted by the members of this forum, therefore Pegg is wrong.

In regards to the specific topics of dispute generated on one particular forum it is obvious that a vocal minority do not accept what Ronald Pegg has found (and many others just do not care).
Over a period of seven weeks (10th December 2012 to 26th January 2013) around 40 different people posted over 230 comments (including questions) on one particular message board, while Eddy Pengelly posted over 20 comprehensive replies to the barrage of questions asked.

Of the 40 posters, 10 of them were vocal with their objections to Pegg's methods and/or findings and continually posted their own opinions. On average, there were around ten specific 'items/descriptions' from the 'Book with Seven Seals' on-line evaluation that most of them agreed among themselves that they had refuted or proved Pegg wrong.

But there are 220 'items/descriptions' that are compared on the test pages, so with even 10 being stated as 'NO Match' still leaves a comparison match rate of around 95 percent.

Interestingly (unless people use a different name on a message board) none of the names of the 10 forum people who objected appeared in the statistical database of results as having conducted the hour long study and evaluation.
(One named person did conduct a small on-line evaluation not directly associated with the Book with Seven Seals because the hijacking of the thread provided a link to an earlier study.)

So the ones who have not put their names to the evaluation (ie. we have to assume they have not read the presented work carefully nor completed the test) are the ones saying Pegg is wrong.

People stating their opinion that it is 'just a theory' or saying 'it is cherry picking' - does not debunk it.
Not conducting any tests of Pegg's 'evidence' and just saying it is 'entirely arbitrary and absurd' - does not debunk it.

Here are one poster's words of wisdom…
"A comparison based on what is in the bible and your version of what the bible supposedly really means, shows that the correlation does not exist. Something that can be seen by anyone using common sense, logic and critical reasoning."

Obviously he has not conducted the Comparison Test. (His name does not appear on our database of results).

During the seven week period stated earlier, of the 18 people who completed the evaluation (some taking over 45 minutes to read ALL pages plus the Evaluation) the average match of ancient biblical descriptions to the contents of the 1995 produced Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean compact disk was 95.41 percent (as at 26th Jan 2013). Highest was 97.49 percent with the lowest 72.63 percent.
(While only about 1 percent of visitors to the website completed the test and gave their name, those people were obviously serious in their investigation of Pegg's claims.)

The results show there IS a correlation.


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