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Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - Daniel

Evidence of Time Travel FOUND - in the Book of Daniel

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg proposed that the biblical prophet Daniel was shown the contents of specific modern multimedia cd-roms by a time travelling 'angel' (ie time messenger), and was also told of future historical, astronomical and religious events (now known as Signs and as the End Times).

South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly questioned Pegg's claims and decided to investigate Daniel's descriptions from their original context and then compare those descriptions to certain history books and the contents and imagery from two cited modern cd-roms.

This report includes what he saw on screen when he sat down with the Old Testament's Book of Daniel open next to him as he viewed the pictures from the 1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean multimedia compact disk.

Here are some of his findings that are explained in this book.
  • The Book of Daniel contains a series of accounts regarding encounters with time travellers but first establishes an association with the 'vessels' from the Jerusalem Temple.

  • Those vessels were two modern cd-roms taken back by the time travellers.

  • Their historical contents are documented (known as signs), many pictures (known as visions and dreams) are described, and a particular 1991 Persian Gulf War video is called 'a watcher'.

  • Accounts of future history shown and told to Daniel by a time traveller named Gabriel span from 603 BCE to beyond 2000 CE.

  • Using maps, imagery, and historical information from both modern cd-roms, king Nebuchadnezzar was first shown where on the time line he is situated and where he is located.

  • Future historical wars from the Greece and Persian eras through to the 1991 Persian Gulf War were shown and explained to Daniel.

  • Both king Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel were told that the UNITED NATIONS rules the world's countries.

  • The origins of Roman Christianity (the fourth Roman kingdom) and the office of Pope (prince of the Host) were comprehensively detailed, along with how the Christ Jesus stories were twisted and made into a new Religion.

  • Two time travellers told of the 1,260 days between the publishing of the works by Michael Drosnin (May 1997) and Ronald Pegg (October 2000), and explained that Pegg's work will end all religious debate because of his forensic evidence.

This publication contains a comprehensive 21st century non-religious scholastic study and commentary of the Book of Daniel.

Daniel Commentary   Chapters   1 to 12
Summary of Daniel Time Lines
Daniel Chapter Summaries   Chapters   1 to 12

In this publication
All Twelve Chapters from the Book of Daniel were studied and evaluated and many words were returned to their original Aramaic/Hebrew word meanings.

Descriptions in this ancient text of the contents of specific modern cd-roms, specific modern historical events, and certain modern people and their activities - is all Evidence of Time Travel Back to the Past.
Time Travel Proof in Daniel

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Returning many English mistranslations back to their original Hebrew meanings using Strong's Concordance reveals encounters with modern computer technology and two Time Travellers.

Daniel describes imagery from the Ancients cd-rom and reports on The Persian Gulf War video from the Grolier cd-rom.

Descriptions also report specific modern religious and historical events, and certain modern people and their activities.
The identity of the foretold "Michael" is revealed. more

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