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The very foundation of our understanding of the world changed at the end of the 20th century. Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg found and recognised the mid 1990s technology of his time in over 30 separately authored ancient texts spanning 5,000 years.

These same descriptions and themes often drawn from a religious bias can also be found in many ancient myths and legends. Those mythologies, ancient texts and religious writings from past cultures all echo each other and almost seem to be recycled stories, because they come from the same type of source event - a time travel encounter.

This is the only conclusion Pegg could reach as, 'Finding modern items and their contents depicted, described and documented in ancient texts is PROOF of TIME TRAVEL'.

Disregarding the preconceived religious bias of the translators and correcting for alterations intended to improve readability into English, we used etymology to uncover the original root meanings of the mistranslated ancient words - and found a whole new story being told.

Our cultures have been built on misunderstandings and mistakes but these new discoveries have brought to light the warnings given when the following MID 1990s TECHNOLOGIES WERE TAKEN BACK AND SHOWN TO SPECIFIC PEOPLE...

An early to mid 1990s PC 386/486 Desktop computer system consisting of
- computer monitor,
- computer's CPU box,
- cd-drive tray,
- mouse & cable (corded, with only two buttons),
- plastic jewel cases (with and without a black base plate,
- multimedia compact disks (aka. dvd or cd-roms.)

This book reveals which ancient writers reported encounters with time travellers and where they personally documented the above technologies.

This early 1800s picture from America shows nine people witnessing a plastic cd-rom jewel case being held above a box...
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A DOOPArt is where the description and contents of a modern technological object have been found depicted in hieroglyphs or documented in ancient myths, legends, and texts.

This book presents a chronological summary of over 35 accounts that report such objects being depicted and/or described by ancient people between 3100 BCE to 1829 CE.

Finding modern items and their contents depicted, described and documented in ancient texts is Proof of TIME TRAVEL more

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