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Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - Ezekiel

Evidence of Time Travel FOUND - in the Book of Ezekiel

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg proposed that the entities perceived as GOD or Angels in the Bible were in fact some type of time travellers who took back copies of modern cd-roms and a computer to give them a warning of future religious historical events (including the described and perceived 'End Time War').
These warnings are contained in what are commonly known as the Dream or Vision accounts.

South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly questioned Pegg's claims and decided to investigate for himself. Eddy explains...
My aim is not to religiously debate these things but to focus upon any evidence that may enable me to come to a conclusion regarding Pegg's claim.

My method was to take up Pegg's challenge of
 "anyone with a copy of their Bible, could sit down in front of a computer with the 1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean multimedia cd-rom running, and see the pictures being described in the stories by such prophets as Moses, Ezekiel and Daniel plus Mark, and John".

This report presents what I saw on screen when I sat down with the Old Testament's Book of Ezekiel open next to me as I viewed the pictures from the 1995 multimedia Ancients compact disk.

This publication contains a comprehensive 21st century non-religious scholastic study and commentary of verses from ten chapters of the Old Testament's Book of Ezekiel.

166 Verses were examined and many words returned to their original Hebrew word meanings.
405 matches to the contents from the Ancients cd-rom were found and identified.

Comprehensive descriptions of the contents of a specific modern object being documented and described in this ancient text - is Evidence of Time Travel back to the past.


Chapter   1
Chapter   2
Chapter   3
Chapter   4
Chapter   8
Chapter   9
Chapter  40
Chapter  41
Chapter  42
Chapter  43

Findings and Conclusion

Appendix One    Ezekiel's CUBITS Explanation
Appendix Two    Ezekiel's WHEELS are not a UFO
Time Travel Proof in Ezekiel

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Ezekiel reports the presence of a male time traveller who showed him the contents from a 'book in hand', now identified as the 1995 Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom.

Ten Chapters were studied with 166 Verses being examined.
405 matches to the pictorial contents of the cd-rom were found.

The "Wheels within Wheels" are describing the picture seen on the computer's screen while the "Temple measurements" relate to the Temple Section from the Ancients cd-rom. more

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