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Proof of Time Travel in Ancient Texts - Smith Encounter and Sumerian Gods

Evidence of Time Travel FOUND - in Sumerian and the Smith stories

Between 1996 and 2002 Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg discovered 'Evidence of Time Travel Back to the Past' documented in many of the world's Ancient Texts.

One sample of proof involves a particular mid 1990s cd-rom and its contents being documented and described in over thirty ancient chronicles and stories.

This publication contains the following 26 Reports and 8 Book Reviews by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly regarding new 'time travel back to the past' discoveries involving that particular cd-rom.

Chapters   Year
1.  Book: Time Storms by Jenny Randles
2.  Nostradamus - The New City on 45 Degrees
3.  Book: The Bible Code 2 by Michael Drosnin
4.  Nostradamus - Names Townsville
5.  Moses - The Source of the Creation Story Found
6.  Seven Kingdoms of Revelation 17:10-12 Identified
7.  Source of the Atlantis Legend Confirmed
8.  Arks in the Bible - Noah's Ark Story Investigated
9.  Moses - The Brasen Serpent Identified
10.  Book: Ascended Masters - Maree Moore
11.  Book: Reincarnation described by Jesus - Maree Moore
12.  Egyptian Gods Investigated
13.  Sepher Yetzirah - The Book of O
14.  Enuma Elish Poem - Akkadian Mythology
15.  Egyptian Book of the Dead - Vignette
16.  Egyptian Horemakhbit Papyrus
17.  Egyptian Discoveries Reinvestigated
18.  Egyptian Glyphs Depict Computer Technology
19.  Egyptian Glyphs Describe Computer Technology
20.  Egyptian Glyphs Describe Grolier CD-rom
21.  Egyptian Nebseni Papyrus
22.  Christadelphian Bible Prophecy Study Report
23.  Book: The Christ Files by John Dickson
24.  Book: The Book of Prophecy by Geoffrey Ashe
25.  Book: Is the New Testament History ? by Paul Barnett
26.  Book: The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin
27.  A Cubit in the Book of Ezekiel by Mandy Pengelly
28.  Ronald Pegg named in the Bible
29.  DOOPArt - a modern Object Seen Back in the Past
30.  The Source of The Holy Grail Story Found
31.  The Origin of the Gospels' Q-Source Identified
32.  Article: The mid 1800s Smith Encounter
33.  Article: Celestial Ships by Wayne Herschel
34.  The Ancients CD-ROM

Smith Story & Sumerian Gods

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The mid 1800s Smith Encounter explained, with Questions and Answers.
Smith and eight witnesses hold a cd-rom Jewel Case - Before plastic was invented !

Sumerian Clay Tablets document a human Time Travel Encounter, and not a vist by Aliens.

26 other Reports and Articles plus 8 Book Reviews regarding 'evidence of time travel back to the past' presented. more

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