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The Bible Decomposed

Some unresolved Bible mysteries directly relate to accounts of time travel encounters.

The Bible was Composed over a period of time (from the Council of Nicaea, 325 CE to the Council of Trent, 645-1563) by amalgamating various stories (from around 1450 BCE to about 95 CE) often involving visits by Angels.

Herein revealed and explained to you, those 'angels' were human time travellers, and their associated stories are about what they showed and told the ancient people.

This publication is part of a scholastic study of ancient texts from various world cultures that flourished during a five thousand year period of the world's history.

Australian researcher, Ronald Pegg, during the late 1990s, discovered accounts of human time travel encounters documented within many of those ancient chronicles - many of which are now considered sacred by various religious groups.

Featuring one ancient text known as 'The Bible', this book reveals how some unresolved Bible mysteries directly relate to accounts of time travel encounters.

A selection of religious subjects investigated include:

*What the Angel Gabriel told and showed Daniel in Babylon, including the sealed Book for the End Times, future events (including an End Time War), future people, plus Daniel's dreams and visions.

* What the king of Babylon saw in his dreams.

* What Ezekiel saw in his visions, including the measuring of a future Temple, as shown to him by an Angel who was holding a special Roll of a Book 'written on the inside'.

* What Angels told and showed John (as documented in Revelation) regarding a special Book Sealed with Seven Seals 'written on the inside'.

* The Revelation 13:18 puzzle.

* The Life and Parables of Jesus as documented in the Gospel of Mark.

* The two Tablets of Testimony given to Moses by God.

* The Angel of the LORD and the Burning Bush story.

* The Passover event and the Exodus story.

* The Creation Account as described in the Book of Genesis.

* Documented 'future' History from the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation, including the End Time War, two witnesses (one named Michael), and astronomical events relating to Judgment Day.

THE BIBLE DECOMPOSED - Hidden Secrets Revealed by Ronald Pegg




1. Historical Context of the Bible

2. The Tables of Testimony IDENTIFIED

3. The Book with Seven Seals - FOUND and Opened

4. The Mark - Beast - 666 Puzzle SOLVED

5. The Gospel of Mark Exposé

6. Creation Stories

7. The Angel of the LORD and the Burning Bush

8. The Passover and the Exodus Stories

9. Prophecies - Future History Told to Prophets


1. Traditional Understanding versus Documented Facts

2. What actually was an Angel in biblical times ?

3. Deities, YHVH, and God

4. Ronald Pegg's Journey of Discovery

5. Texts Studied by Ronald Pegg

The Bible Decomposed

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Returning many English mistranslations back to their original Hebrew and Greek meanings using Strong's Concordance reveals encounters with modern computer technology, and that Time Travellers were perceived and reported as 'gods, God, or Angels'.

The future Books "written within, and read from the backside" described by Daniel and John have been identified as two cd-roms.

The future events (including the End Time War and the Religious Judgement) told to Daniel and John have been identified, and the Revelation 13:18 puzzle solved. more

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