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Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd has issued a license to World Breaking Discoveries to distribute time travel books and information associated with The Pegg Project® material.

Please note that in Good Faith we are distributing the works by the Australian Time Detectives Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly plus subsequent examinations and findings by PPHC Study Group.

If you read all available resource books, then you will know nearly as much as we do.

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We are an Australian business set up in Adelaide, South Australia. We sell data files on the internet therefore we do not require a public business office. We simply present and distibute the various works by two Australian researchers via our NEWS & INFORMATION websites and as downloadable E-Reports (in PDF file format). We are not responsible for the contents, findings nor conclusions they offer in their publications.

Therefore, and in any case, due to on-going commitments, we DO NOT offer an answering service for unsolicited individual general public emails nor postal mail.

Unsolicited postal mail and emails (especially with attachments) will NOT be opened.

Our South Australian post office box address can be provided upon request.

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