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Modern Events in Daniel  and Nostradamus

Future history told to Daniel, and hidden beneath the surface text stories in the works of Nostradamus, relates to information shown and told from modern cd-roms plus two specific History Books.
The End Time War relates to a specific historical event in the late 20th century.

Daniel documents his encounter with a time traveller (perceived by him to be an Angel) and chronicles that, this messenger was holding a book containing future information who then showed him its contents and specifically told him to write down what he saw and was told.

The so called Prophecies documented in the Bible such as the 'Fourth Kingdom, the coming Religious kingdoms, a whole World War conflict, and the Two Witnesses' (all known as part of the End Time Signs) are simply direct accounts of the formation of the Catholic, Muslim, and Mormon Religions, a particular modern war, and the two Bible Code people - being future information taken from modern history books as shown to selected ancient people.

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