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Introduction for ATHEISTS

New Knowledge Relegates Religious Stories to Myth Status

This is important.  It may concern YOU and your Family

Does it bother you that Religions perceive and portray mythical supernatural God stories as fact?

Are you sick and tired of having Religion pushed upon you in the street, via the television, and on your own doorstep?

Would the world be better off without Religion?

Is there a way to remove Religion from Society?

Yes. It begins with re-education.

The Pegg Project® presents evidence that proves Religions wrong, which will lead to their downfall. (The source of their religious 'stories' has been unearthed, and it is not of a supernatural origin. The traditional basis for Religion is therefore invalid.)

Do you find yourself being talked down by Religious people who just keep repeating the same old religious rhetoric and ignore new information?

Here's how to meet them head on.

Use their own texts and resources to prove them wrong.

The Pegg Project® will show you how to do this.

Have you heard about the Evolution versus Creation debate, in which both Atheists and Theists claim victory?

The Pegg Project® supplies the definitive proof that the Creation Account was not a supernatural act.

The debate is over.

Here's how you can be part of the purging of Religions from society.

You need to start from scratch.
Step 1.   Put aside what others have wrongly told you and what tradition says.
Step 2.   Discover the actual origins of God and the Creation Story.
Step 3.   Examine the evidence for yourself and come to your own conclusion.
Step 4.   Acknowledge people's objections then answer them with clear proof.

You will then have the knowledge and evidence to confront and negate traditional claims made by Religions.

Are you up to this task ?

Are YOU ready to reveal what the veil of 5,000 years of Religious Rhetoric has kept hidden ?

To do this you need to clear your mind of preconceived ideas. Can you do this ?

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