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Religious Consequence

What is the Consequence of Finding TT Encounters in the Bible ?

Traditional view of 'God' found to be incorrect

Sorry, but there is no way to sugar coat these findings.

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg in the late 1990s discovered reports of human time travel encounters back in the past documented in over 30 ancient texts.
At least 21 of those individual ancient manuscripts have been included in the compilation known as The Bible (both Old and New Testaments).

South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly investigated 18 of these ancient accounts (including Bible books) and confirmed Pegg's findings. These are presented in a series of ten books.

5 academic Papers comprehensively reveal wherein 8 books from the Bible time travel encounters are described. (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Kings, Ezekiel, Daniel, Mark, and Revelation)

Pegg found that
  • Moses and many others were visited by a time traveller - not a 'God'  (Angel stories)
  • Moses viewed and saw 'future' history on a computer screen  (eg. Exodus story)
  • Moses was given data disks to view  (called two stone tablets of testimony)
  • Moses utilized a 'mouse & cable' to do so  (known as the 'staff of Moses')
  • Moses described the opening sequences from the data disks  (known as the creation story)
and based upon conclusive evidence Pegg concluded that
  • The 'God' of the Old Testament was not divine
  • He did not have a 'Holy Spirit'
  • He did not live in a religious place called 'Heaven'
  • There was never a religious place known as 'Hell'
  • There was never a supernatural evil being called the Devil
with the consequence being that what we have been traditionally told about Bible Stories is grossly incorrect.

All this proves that there was NOT a monotheistic Deity who literally created the world in 6 days.

Somehow, religious people and the general public need to be gently advised about these discoveries and findings so that our history books can be amended.

There are two basic ways to greet a new major world discovery

Acceptance or Denial

Many people, such as Atheists, will see all this as the amazing findings that they are, and after examining all the evidence for themselves, will accept that our knowledge base has now been increased and improved. The world can then move on and become a better place.

On the other hand, Theists will emotionally react as part of their denial process. They may not immediately evaluate the proof for themselves and will probably cling to their classical conditioning.

What was your reaction to the above disclosure regarding

Evidence of TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past being FOUND and how it removes a supernatural 'God' from the Bible stories

This consequence of what has been found while confirming Time Travel back to the past will cause the most angst to theists.

The following pages are intended to gently introduce you to some of the contexts and findings that conflict with traditional religious views. Once these are understood, you will be better prepared to read our summary book or the five academic papers that present the proof.

Our Prologue starts by overviewing the current status of the world's societies, identifying a problem, then introducing the next step.

After this we try to ease everyone into the realization of what has been found with either an Atheist INTRODUCTION or PREAMBLE for Religious People

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