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The Bible Decomposed - Lessons 3 - 16

A Summary of over 15 years of findings and research

In light of evidence presented by Ronald Pegg and confirmed by Eddy Pengelly regarding the origin of the Moses stories, accounts in several books of the Bible have also been re-evaluated.
These include
Old Testament:     Genesis, Exodus, Ezekiel, and Daniel;
New Testament:    Gospel of Mark, and Revelation.

THE BIBLE DECOMPOSED - Hidden Secrets Revealed

The Bible Decomposed - Hidden Secrets Revealed

This publication dismantles many more religious theories and concepts and includes the mentioned Lessons plus eight more.

Lesson 9
Chapters 1 & 2  identifies modern cd-roms, known back in the past as the Urim and the Thummim.

Lesson 10
Chapter 3  relates which imagery from the cd-rom is described in Revelation, Ezekiel, and Daniel. The Urim was known in the New Testament as the 'Book with Seven Seals'.

Lesson 11
Chapter 4  is for those of you who like having ancient mysteries resolved.
A 'wisdom puzzle' was placed in the Gospel of Mark for Ronald Pegg to decipher.

Lesson 12
Chapter 5  relates where The Gospel of Mark describes imagery from the cd-rom.
This reveals the actual source of the Life and Parable stories attributed to Jesus.

Chapter 6   relates the source of The Creation Story (as presentedin lessons 4-8) plus a summary of our findings regarding the Akkadian and Egyptian Creation Accounts.

Lesson 13
Chapter 7  reveals the non-religious identity of 'The angel of the LORD' and 'the Burning Bush' as being descriptions of two people seen on the second cd-rom (the Thummim).

Lesson 14
Chapter 8  reveals the date and place of the historical events (religiously misunderstood) known as The Exodus, The Passover, the Ten Plagues, and the Forty Days in the Desert.

Lesson 15
Chapter 9  identifies the messenger named as Michael (in Daniel and Revelation), as this 20th century person historically ties in with the events revealed in Chapters 7 & 8.

Lesson 16
Appendices 1 to 3  discloses facts that dismantle the religious concepts of 'The Bible as God's Word', 'Who was King David', Angels, Deities, YHVH, and God.

Book coming in mid 2021