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Preamble for RELIGIOUS People

New Knowledge Relegates Religious Stories to Myth Status

Are you aware of recent new discoveries?

Do you really understand what happened back in the past ? Are you trapped in tradition ?
Is your understanding based upon tradition holding you back from reaching your full potential ?

Are society's values the best they could be ?

The Pegg Project® addresses age-old mysteries and presents new information

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to and provide you with the opportunity to research, examine, then evaluate the evidence for yourself and to come to your own conclusion.

What's the catch?

You may have to face information that goes against what you know or have been told by others. Indeed it may even frustrate your friends and family when you tell them. Many will not want to understand nor believe.

The Mysteries of the Past Unlocked

Did you know that new discoveries are being made all the time, but you are not being told about some of them ?

What if some were really important and could improve your standard of living ?

We have been told that ancient texts portray the idea of a constant struggle between good and evil and we have to be consistently perfect. But do you stress out when in daily life you can't be perfect all the time.

What if we have been told this just to keep us controlled by fear ?
What if some traditional stories that scare your children, such as going to Hell, have been found to have no basis ?

How would you know ?

Are you aware that when new discoveries are made they often have to go through a peer review process ?
And it is not until most academics agree among themselves that the public finds out.

In some cases this process is more like a popularity contest.

When it comes to new findings regarding ancient texts and those ancient texts are deemed sacred by various groups, an even greater resistance to change may be encountered. Beliefs and political bias also hinder how, when, and to whom new knowledge is given.

Occasionally certain findings have influenced whole societies, while some cultures frown upon new ideas. Often it is the messenger of this new wisdom who is ostracized.

In our current religious societies people seem to be keeping more to themselves and often default to just accepting what they are told. For the general public, mainstream news services are sometimes the only source of new information - and we know how relevant and unbiased that is !

So what chance have you got of finding about amazing new discoveries that may affect you personally and the society around you ?

This is where The Pegg Project® comes to the Rescue!

Within the pages of their Resource Books you will discover new knowledge.
On this website you will learn how to bypass other people's influences, ignore their often predetermined and biased opinions, and learn the skills to enable you to find it all out for yourself.

But only historians and scholars can understand ancient texts !

This is what you have been led to believe by 'knowledgeable academics' and 'pious religious scholars'.
Many people do not realize that they are only being told certain parts of the story, or are only being informed of some discoveries that are deemed 'suitable'.

Depending on your denomination, deemed knowledgeable religious people determined whether a biblical account was literal, figurative, or just a story. But was it actually a real historical event or was it just a parable ? Most people reading the Bible have no idea, become confused, and think they're missing something. They're not...the scholars are bending the texts to fit their own views.

This stops with YOU and The Pegg Project® discoveries.

You will get a very clear understanding based upon the methods and proof presented to you. Your conclusion will be based upon the evidence that you can personally validate and confirm.

The skills taught through The Pegg Project® use consistent methods.

You will not have to wait for someone else to 'peer review' these things, nor wait for your religious leaders to 'ratify' these discoveries. They will be frantically doing their own research from the same resources that you will encounter. In fact, you may even find out astounding new things before they do.

Many Different Traditions

Our world is made up of many different Cultures, Societies, and Religions - each having their own traditions.
You know where you fit in the overall scheme of things.
Are these traditions relevant to our 21st century society ?

Answer True or False to the following:
1a) It is absolutely essential that we update our knowledge.
1b) Traditional understanding is all that we require therefore there is no need to look further.

2a) New knowledge empowers you to make better choices for your family and lifestyle.
2b) Traditional knowledge keeps you informed, safe, and happy in our modern society.

The POWER of The Pegg Project® discoveries

You will be empowered with new knowledge that you can use to influence not only your own lifestyle but that of others around you.

As you read and evaluate this material you will come to a conclusion - without being told 'what to believe'.
The conclusion will be yours. The power to take control of your future will be yours.


Have you been told in a patronizing manner (as the person telling you rolls his/her authoritative eyes at you) that 'understanding an ancient text is just too hard for the average person' ?
For the 21st century this is a falsehood.
It may have been true many centuries back in the past, but not now.

It is time to relearn how to get new information. If you can read, use the internet, and navigate through a dictionary, then you ARE able to find things out for yourself.

The Pegg Project® takes you back to school and teaches you how to find the hidden information in ancient texts that has been covered over by 5,000 years of religious rhetoric.

Acknowledge your lack of UNDERSTANDING

There are things you do not know.
Sometimes it is just things you have not thought about, and other times it is what the authorities do not want you to know.


Who and What do you believe ?
Is what you 'believe' based upon facts that you have confirmed for yourself, or is your belief one that has been handed down to you by someone else ?

Are you somewhat aware that some of those old traditions and beliefs no longer fit with our modern society ?
Do you feel that 'rocking the boat' will upset your family and friends, but it continues to make you feel uneasy ?

How to chose the Right Knowledge !
Whose information do you use and examine ?
How do you know that they are an academic scholar with credentials ?
If they are an unknown researcher, can they be trusted ?

If you are asking yourself these or similar questions, then you are handing back the power of new knowledge to someone else. They will give you their take on things and then tell you what to believe.

The Pegg Project® began back in 1996

Even trusted academic scholars only gain credibility when they report their research in a manner accepted by the mainstream. Anything new that doesn't fit the box that elite scientist have decided to call 'true science' can take decades to get out and be accepted, even when there was clear scientific evidence of the highest standard from the very beginning.

The Pegg Project® is about YOU taking responsibility for your own learning, trusting yourself, then doing it.

Small steps to obtaining new correct knowledge !

We trust you to do it right.
You will not be told what to believe.
We will not be doing it for you.
You will be shown how to find copies of certain ancient texts.
You will be shown how to read and navigate through various dictionaries and lexicons.
You will be shown how to compare the English translations of ancient texts to their original contexts and meanings.
You will be able to come to your own conclusions based upon what you read and find in those various resource documents and books.

Phase 1.

How to Uncover SECRET Knowledge
Agree upon the source text to be examined and the resources used to implement the study.
Learn how to read the text (in its English translation).
Seek out and find the original meanings to those translated English words.
Isolate the KEY WORDS and unlock their intended meanings.

Phase 2.

Finding HIDDEN MESSAGES in Ancient Texts
Using the list of original word meanings (and concepts), read the ancient text in its intended context.

Phase 3.

Keeping in CONTEXT, extract and list the hidden messages while comparing ancient descriptions to certain KEY WORDS.
What this will reveal to you will be upon which you base your deductions.

Phase 4.

Forming your CONCLUSION
From the evidence, your examinations and your deductions, you will come to a conclusion.
You will then have the knowledge and evidence to confront and challenge traditional claims made by Religions.

This is a personal quest !
You need to know that there is no one who can lift the veil of religious rhetoric for you.
YOU must do this for yourself.

Are you up to this task ?

Follow these steps
Step 1.   Put aside what others may have wrongly told you and be wary of tradition.
Step 2.   Discover the actual origins of God and the Creation Story. (for example)
Step 3.   Examine the evidence for yourself and come to your own conclusion.
Step 4.   Acknowledge people's objections then answer them with clear proof.

You will then have new knowledge to compare to the traditional claims made by your Religion.

Are YOU ready to reveal what the veil of 5,000 years of Religious Rhetoric has kept hidden ?

We will start you on your journey of discovery in a moment, but first you should read our WARNING Page before you continue