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We wish to advise you that we have never met Mr Ronald Pegg, and we do not know where he resides, nor do we know how to contact him, therefore we are unable to answer any questions concerning him, nor redirect any correspondence to him.

General Research Enquiries and unsolicited Correspondence

We are simply distributing the works of Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly as supplied to us, and are not responsible for the contents, findings nor conclusions they offer in their own publications.

Therefore, and in any case, due to on-going commitments, we DO NOT offer an answering service for unsolicited individual general public emails nor postal mail.

Unsolicited postal mail and emails (especially with attachments) will NOT be opened.

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Please direct your business communications to Robert via

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Please direct your enquiry to  webmaster(at)worldbreakingdiscoveries
giving the subject heading as website problem plus [ name of page ]


Please direct your Enquiries plus Sponsorship and Partnership Requests to the Director of Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd.

Please remember that PPHC Study Group and Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group members and World Breaking Discoveries staff - plus their families and friends - wish to have their privacy maintained and respected.
Telephone and personal interviews will not be granted.

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