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The Pegg Project®

New Knowledge of the Past

Two Australian researchers found encounters with Time Travellers documented in over 30 ancient texts spanning 5,000 years from over 15 countries.

Mid 1990s computer technology and associated data disks are depicted and described in those same texts.

It was confirmed that many Ancient Mysteries, Legends, and Stories were the result of ancient people being overwhelmed by, and not understanding what they were told and shown.
Ancient Secrets Revealed

Case Studies and Other Findings present the Proof
  • 18 Time Travel Encounters Throughout History Unveiled.
  • Modern Computer Tech in Ancient Texts - 35 accounts.
  • Proof of Time Travel in Ancient Texts - 13 reports.
  • Proof of Time Travel in the Bible - 5 reports.
  • Modern Events in the Bible - 3 reports.
  • Religious Consequences, and stated Conclusion.

Ancient Texts Document Encounters

Time Travel Encounters Throughout History

This book identifies 18 time trips back to the past, and reveals which ancient texts report those Time Travel encounters.

To point out previous misunderstandings that took place during and after those time trips in order to redress the many unforeseen consequences - without changing the current timeline.

This brief 40 page preview and summary scenario publication also reveals the specific computer technology taken back with them.

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Modern Computer Tech in Ancient Texts


A DOOPArt is where the description and contents of a modern technological object have been found depicted in hieroglyphs or documented in ancient myths, legends, and texts.

This book presents a chronological summary of over 35 accounts that report such objects being depicted and/or described by ancient people between ca. 3100 BCE to 1829 CE.

Finding mid 1990s computer parts and compact disks with their contents depicted, described and documented in ancient texts is Proof of TIME TRAVEL

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The Concealed Story in Ancient Texts

To some time in the past (about 5,000 years ago) a time travel trip was undertaken.

Australian researcher Ronald Pegg discovered that the same computer technology as taken back that first time, was similarly described in many subsequent ancient legends, myths, and stories.

Throughout history, this is reported where 'gods', an 'angel', or 'god' appeared in a bright light with two 'books of the future'. They then showed the visited ancient person certain pictures from them via a special oracle. Also divulged were selected historical events. Instructions were then given to write down what was told and seen.

Unforeseen, each time those 'writings' became the source that spawned a new Religion. (See dates show on the left side of the picture.)

Subsequent visits back to the past were meant to correct the earlier mistakes and misunderstandings, but the time travellers were again perceived as 'angels of God'.

After 1827 there were now at least six world Religions unintentionally formed.
  • Those 'angels' were misidentified and misunderstood Time Travellers.
  • The 'oracle' was one of the many descriptions for a computer system, and
  • the 'future books' were the two cd-roms, Ancients and Grolier (shown above).
To correct these and other mistakes without destroying the current timeline, a second series of trips back to the past were undertaken. (See 5 dates shown on the right side of the above picture.)

In contrast to the previous time trips, now the visited selected people were instructed to conceal what they were shown and told in their personal chronicles, as people at the end time will discover those encoded words and decipher them. One of those people was Ronald Pegg.

The variety of ancient 'writings' that contain hidden messages of time travel encounters include:
  • Stories about Egyptian gods
  • Egyptian Papyrus of Ani
  • Ezekiel, Daniel (Old Testament) and Lehi (Book of Mormon)
  • Muhammad (Qur'an)
  • John (Revelation, NT)
  • and Nostradamus.
The following books present many Case Studies...

Evidence  in Ancient Texts

Mid 1990s Computer Technology has been found depicted in hieroglyphs and documented in ancient myths, legends, and texts.

Atlantis Legend, Island, and Ring Mysteries Resolved.

Akkadian Enuma Elish Poem.

Sumerian Clay Tablets.

Ezekiel's Wheels - Not a UFO

Stories of Egyptian Mythological Gods.

Nostradamus - Decoding Key Found in C6.Q54 - Described Events Dated - Apparatus Identified.

1800s Smith Encounter - Angels were Time Travellers - Picture of Plastic CD Case before plastic was invented

Evidence in the Bible

Strong's Concordance returned mistranslated Bible words back to their original meanings revealing encounters with a modern computer and cd-roms.

A time traveller showed Ezekiel 'Wheels' and 'Temple' pictures from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

Daniel describes imagery from the Ancients cd-rom and historical events from the Grolier cd.

Revelation describes imagery from the 1995 Ancients cd-rom, reports on The Persian Gulf War video from the 1993 Grolier cd-rom, and relates celestial information from the 1998 RedShift2 cd-rom.

The 'Tablets of Testimony' given to Moses by a time traveller (perceived to be 'an Angel of God') were modern compact disks - Ancients and Grolier.

The Gospel of Mark is an account of an encounter with the pictures from the Ancient Civilizations cd-rom.

Consequences  of Time Travel in the Bible

Returning many English mistranslations back to their original Hebrew and Greek meanings using the Lexicons in Strong's Concordance reveals what the texts were actually reporting.

Many Bible stories are about encounters with human Time Travellers* plus the computer technology they took back with them. *often perceived and reported as 'gods, God, or Angels'.

The mysterious Book "written within, and read from the backside" described by Daniel and John has been identified as a data disk.

Future history told to Daniel and John, and hidden beneath the surface text stories in the works of Nostradamus and Moses, relates to information shown and told from three modern CD-Roms plus two specific History Books.

Those future events (including the End Time War and the Religious Judgement) told to these writers have been identified, and the Revelation 13:18 puzzle solved.

The question had to be asked - What are the Consequences ?

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