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Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

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The Pegg Project®. New Knowledge of the Past. Proof of TIME TRAVEL in over 30 Ancient Texts

We are publishing many of the works involving the discoveries and findings of The Pegg Project ®
Two Australian researchers found encounters with Time Travellers documented in over 30 ancient texts from over 15 countries spanning 5,000 years.

Computer technology and associated data disks are depicted and described in those same texts.

It was confirmed that many Ancient Mysteries, Legends, and Stories were the result of ancient people being overwhelmed by, and not understanding what they were told and shown during their personal encounters.

What Proof ?

Proof includes recorded first-hand accounts of
  • Encounters with time travellers
  • Computer Technology - depicted and described
  • Imagery from Data Disks - documented
  • some Historical Events from them - chronicled

Most of the world's Ancient Myths, Legends, Texts, and Religious Stories all contain some of this evidence, but it has been hidden due to factors such as misunderstandings, misinterpretations, mistranslations, plus various cultural, political and religious biases.
During the past 5,000 years ancient stories have been retold and retranslated many times, resulting in the traditional history that you will find in encyclopedias and history books.

But we can now tell you that
In many cases, what you have been told about the past - is wrong.
Hidden beneath the various misunderstood and mistranslated stories - is a different narrative

Australian researcher Ronald Pegg from Queensland was the one who made those discoveries.
South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly was the first to investigate Pegg's assertions.

Website Information Pages


Highlights six main findings and how many of our reports contain that specific evidence.
  • 18 Time Travel Encounters Throughout History
  • Computer Technology in 35 Ancient Texts
  • The Concealed Story in Ancient Texts
  • Encounters in Ancient Texts - 13
  • Encounters in the Bible - 5
  • Modern Events in the Bible - 3
  • Consequences of Time Travel in the Bible - 2

News Report Video

This 6 minute video previews what has been found, what went wrong, and how it is to be fixed, and by whom.

News Releases

Eddy Pengelly's reports regarding what he found when he scrutinized Pegg's various claims are presented as 14 brief news articles - with links to respective source reports.

News Releases

include links to
3 online interactive Workshops
  • The MAP SCROLL - Unsealed and Identified.
  • The Book with Seven Seals - Found and Identified.
  • Modern Objects in Ancient Texts - described and documented.

preprint Papers - 3 on TT Evidence + 3 Case Studies.

News Desk

3 Topics have been selected - with links to respective source reports.
  • Time Travel Evidence - 4 case studies
  • Ancient Mysteries Solved - 15 case studies
  • Bible Mysteries Resolved - 8 case studies

News Articles

Copies of 3 previous News Articles from The Pegg Project® website.
  • How to prove that a Time Trip back to the past has taken place.
  • Have Encounters with Time Travellers been hidden in plain sight.
  • Are some unsolved mysteries due to Time Travel Encounters.

Available Publications


has two sections - Information and Purchase

Information page
  • introduces 6 Evidence Categories
  • has a Video that shows which Book Titles relate to those categories
  • lists the following Topics and which Books
    • Feature Books - 2
    • Modern Objects in Ancient Texts - 9 books, 13 case studies
    • Modern Objects in the Bible - 5 books/case studies
    • Modern Events in the Bible - 3 books/case studies
    • Religious Consequences - 3 books
    • Works of Ronald Pegg - 1 book, 16 booklets
Purchase page - books in PDF format
  • over 20 Titles
  • has a Video that lists Books sorted via Subject matter

Where to Start

For further insight into what has been found, the
Preface  and  News Report Video
should be read and viewed next

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The Pegg Project®. New Knowledge of the Past. Proof of TIME TRAVEL in over 30 Ancient TextsThe conclusions presented by The Pegg Project® works and information published and available from this website were established via extensive comprehensive objective empirical evidence based findings by two Australian researchers, Ronald Pegg and Eddy Pengelly.

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