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Proof of  TIME TRAVEL  Found

Evidence Categories
  • Modern Objects in Ancient Texts - depicted.
  • Historical Events - documented.
  • Ancient Mysteries Solved.
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  1. Modern Objects in Ancient Texts
    1. Computer Technology depicted in Egyptian Papyrus.
    2. Computer Technology described (over 30 examples).
    3. The shape of a compact disk itself depicted (7 accounts).
    4. Picture of a plastic cd jewel case - before plastic was invented.

  2. Data Disks in Ancient Texts
    1. Physical attributes depicted and documented.
    2. Sequences of Pictures described.
    3. Home Screens mentioned, Icons named.
    4. Menus, Headings, and Sub-headings counted.

  3. Historical Events (to late 20th century) documented
    1. from 3 Data Disks.
    2. from a particular History Book.
    3. 1991 Persian Gulf War details (in over 4 ancient texts).

  4. Modern Events (to early 21st century) revealed
    1. Three People working on Bible Codes, with two named.
    2. Deliberately hidden events (in Nostradamus, Moses, Kings, Judges, Daniel, Revelation).

  5. Ancient Mysteries Solved
    1. Atlantis Legend.
    2. Sumerian gods were not Aliens.
    3. Egyptian gods were not supernatural.
    4. Ezekiel's Wheels were not a UFO.
    5. The Apparatus of Nostradamus.

  6. Time Travel Encounters Throughout History
    • 18 case studies.
Ancient chronicles can no longer be 'taken at face value' nor traditional perceptions and translations assumed to be correct.
Time Travel Encounters are sometimes reported in the Plain Text, obscured under Mistranslations, or deliberately Hidden (encoded, ie. Nostradamus).

Video shows which Book Titles relate to these categories

Encounters with Time Travellers are documented in over 30 ancient texts from over 12 countries spanning 5,000 years.

8 major Findings were recognized and have been compiled into the below evidence categories.

Please note that our eReports are a 21st century scholarly presentation of new evidence regarding the past - and are not about Religion or Faith.

Feature Books

Documented Time Travel Encounters Throughout History            

Computer Technology Depicted and Described in Ancient Texts
TTE book coverDOO book cover Book DETAILS

Modern Objects in Ancient Texts

13 Case Studies

Pictures from modern data disks are described by these ancient people.

ATL book coverEWD book coverEPA book coverNU book cover Book DETAILS

Modern Objects in the Bible

5 Case Studies

Five biblical writers describe pictures from modern data disks.

EZK book coverDAN book coverREV book coverMAR book cover Book DETAILS

Modern Events in the Bible

3 Biblical Writers

They describe events shown and told to them from modern data disks.

EDN book coverMER book coverMEM book cover Book DETAILS

Religious Consequences

Consequences of Finding Time Travel Encounters in the Bible.
The Bible Decomposed - Hidden Secrets Revealed by Ronald Pegg.
Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by Ronald Pegg.
CTB book coverTBD book coverBPF book cover Book DETAILS

Works of Ronald Pegg

Original Research Documents
in a .zip file

Summary Book Set compiled in 2003

BKL book coverACU book cover Book DETAILS

Don't know where to start ?

We suggest these three books regarding TT Proof in ancient texts.
2 Case Studies present where certain pictures from modern Data Disks are documented.
35 accounts report where modern Computer Technology is described.
ASG book coverEZK book coverDOO book cover Book DETAILS

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