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Are some unsolved mysteries due to Time Travel Encounters ?

Many - Yes.

In Australia in the late 1990s, Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg made many discoveries that indicated some form of Time Travel Back to the Past has taken place.

He found that over 30 often well known ancient texts, stories, and legends, from over 12 countries spanning 5,000 years of our history, contained accounts of human time travel encounters.

These claims were subsequently confirmed by another Australian researcher, and include what up until then were unsolved mysteries.

Their combined works appear in The Pegg Project® series of books and include the following topics.

Ancient Mysteries Solved
Atlantis - Found
Akkadian Mythology - Not Gods
Sumerian Gods - Not Aliens
Egyptian Glyphs - Finally Decoded
Ezekiel's Wheels - Not a UFO
Apparatus of Nostradamus - Identified
Nostradamus Decoded - Events Identified
mid 1800s Smith Encounter
What the Bible Code 2 was trying to tell Drosnin

Religious Mysteries Solved
Origins Revealed for:
    Australian Aboriginal Dream Time Stories
    Egyptian Mythology
    Egg of Brahma Story
    Hindu Mythology
    Greek and Roman Mythology
    Oracles and Seer Stones
    Buddhist Mythology
    Buddhist 37 constituents of Arhantship

Bible Mysteries Solved
Another code at the word level was found in the Bible's verses, revealing a whole new narrative.

The perceived "Angel" that visited ancient people now deemed 'prophets' of the Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, and Mormon Faiths, was a human time traveller.

Mark's 666 Puzzle - Decoded
The Book with Seven Seals - Identified
Origins Revealed for:
    The Revelation Stories
    The Ezekiel and Daniel Stories
    The Life of Jesus Stories
    Many of the Moses Stories

Our News Desk contains links to Reports regarding many of these findings.

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