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Searching for TIME TRAVEL Proof

In Religious Texts

Have Encounters with Time Travellers been hidden in plain sight ?

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg observed that:
Theists believe in God - without any proof, and Atheists don't believe in God - also without any proof. However, what they do agree upon is that - the major subject of debate, in the many various religious traditional stories, is the supernatural nature of the described character designated 'God'. Theists have a belief in this 'supernatural aspect of God', while Atheists do not.

To put this another way, both groups are reading the modern translated versions of ancient religious texts, with both groups taking what the contemporary given understanding and translation says at face value - being that the stories are about a 'supernatural God'.

While both groups argue over this specific topic, neither have produced evidence that either confirms or disproves the 'supernatural nature of God', resulting in a never ending dispute.

Please note that my use of the word 'God' includes all the different names and designations given by the various religious groups throughout history and incorporates the associated 'Angels', 'Elders', Oracles, and other human messengers that are mentioned in ancient stories that are traditionally deemed to also have had supernatural powers.

Pegg then pointed out a simple concept:
They are all debating the 'supernatural status of God' based upon their acceptance that the ancient texts are about a supernatural God - because that is what we have been told the texts say.

BUT what if the traditional given translation, context and content is not what was actually being described and documented in those ancient texts ?

What if the gods, angels, elders, messengers, and reported oracles were actually something else, and the texts have simply been misunderstood and/or mistranslated ?

Conduct investigations:
  1. Establish whether the stories being traditionally repeated are actually translated correctly;
  2. f a different narrative is found hidden beneath mistranslations, investigate to what it refers.

If confirmed to be something else other than a supernatural god, that would immediately remove the supernatural aspect from the Atheist vs Theist dispute - and hence the debate regarding the existence of supernatural gods would be over.

Have the answers to all this been sitting in plain view for thousands of years ?

While individual theists concentrate on their chosen religious text, and atheists respond to those specific texts, what if the answers are actually contained in ALL ancient texts and not just the few they keep debating ?

Pegg expanded the scope of texts to include those from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt right through to the mid 1800s that involved some form of supernatural god/angel story. The results observed from his investigation spanning nearly 5,000 years of history revealed that:
In stories of God and gods (and Oracles); and certain 'Angels appearing in a bright light' or speaking with Elders narratives; the personal firsthand accounts (aka. the ancient texts) also document the presentation or the use of two specifically named Books (aka. tablets and seer stones).

Review of Historical Data
several stories have gods and 2 named tablets.

Egypt 1230 BCE
gods, angel in a bright light, 2 tablets of testimony.

Babylon 600 BCE
3 accounts of either an angel, elder, or man - who had a special book.

Greece 95 CE
an angel - who had 2 special books.

Arabia 610 CE
the same angel as from one of the 600 BCE events.

France 1550 CE
2 named Wheels (almost the same names as those from Mesopotamia).

America 1827 CE
angel in a bright light, 2 seer stones (named the same as the two from 1230 BCE)

In two cases, the same named angel is reported as being present.

In two cases, the 2 tablets/seer stones had exactly the same names.

In two cases, the 2 tablets/wheels had almost the same names.

In seven cases, an angel is reported as being present.

In all accounts, the contents of the books/tablets that were shown to ancient people are document and described - sometimes reported as dreams & visions.

If you stay with the traditional supernatural religious belief, it is easy to conclude that an Angel of God was able to travel to different countries at different times, therefore time-travelling (deliberately spawning different religions), while taking with him the same two special books that he showed certain ancient people the contents thereof and told them to write down what they were told and saw.

If this was a singular God, WHY would he create different conflicting Religions ? !

But during his years of investigations, Pegg made six major findings that refute this religious viewpoint:
  1. The ancients texts have been taken out of context and most often have been mistranslated.

  2. The ancient people are describing messengers that travel through time, but they are technological human time travellers and are not of a supernatural origin;

  3. Modern Computer Technology taken back to the past has been identified;

  4. The type of 'books' being reported was established;

  5. The two books taken back to the past were subsequently found and identified.

  6. The Purpose of going back in time was:
    To point out previous misunderstandings due to earlier time-trips;
    in order to now redress the many unintended consequences*; and
    and to do this - without changing the current timeline.

* The formation of Religions when the human time traveller was mistakenly perceived as 'an Angel of a supernatural God'.

The supernatural God claim has been invalidated - the debate is over.

Subsequent investigations confirmed Pegg's time travel findings.
A Series of Papers present the proof (currently at preprint stage).
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