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Time Travel Evidence

How to prove that a Time Trip back to the past has taken place

The invention of a time machine may be at sometime in the future using who-knows-what new technology. This question was first pondered by the author back in the late 1990s. He could only postulate a scenario utilizing the technology that was available to him at that time. So, here are his thoughts.

Once a time machine is invented, it would be tested.
How would we know that it worked as planned ?

The chrononaut and his machine return and the time traveller makes a report that includes flight logs and video evidence that confirms he did in fact go back in time.

But what if the chrononaut and his machine never returned ?
How would we know if it worked but he is simply trapped back in the past, or the time machine malfunctioned and it was destroyed without achieving its assignment.

Surely there would have to be a backup plan that would provide evidence that he did in fact get back to where and when they sent him.

The Plan
Take some known modern documented history back to the past and tell and/or show this information to a few ancient local people, and tell them to write it down or include it in their cultural stories.

They won't know what it all means, hence this basic information will not interfere nor change the timeline.
Whether the chrononaut and his machine returned or not (ie. still stranded in the past) let us then check ancient history for the specific modern events that were to be told and/or shown. If the events and information are reported in stories and/or ancient texts, then it can be concluded that the time machine worked.

Finding modern events documented and described in ancient stories and texts - would be conclusive evidence of Time Travel Back to the Past

What to send back to prove that a time trip back to the past has taken place

Remember, we only have the current technology of the mid 1990s at hand.

Computer tech of this era is basically a personal Desktop Computer and multimedia compact disks.
Note: USB flash drives were not yet invented at this time, and even if they were, the magnetic fields of a time machine would erase any data on them.

A hard drive of a PC is not damaged by magnetic fields (see results of KJ Magnetics experiment:

On a compact disk the data is physically stored within plastic layers and is thus not affected by magnetic fields.

To When and Where

Let's go to ancient Egypt to test the opposing theories that the Pyramids were built either around 5,000 years ago or are much older than that. The pyramids are still where they were when they were built.

Select Events from CD-Roms

CD covers - Ancients, Grolier, Redshift2

A. Use the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom to tell about future civilizations that are going to rise up near and north of Egypt. Show several examples but chose a specific topic that would be relevant, such as how they treat the dead and their burial practices. The Etruscan presentation has a simple two page section of pictures clearly showing the types of urns used.

B. War and Conflict history from the Grolier Encyclopedia cd-rom:
  1. The seven days of the Coalition air forces passing over the country of Iraq from 16th to 23rd January 1991 that kept Iraq's planes from rising into the air; and
  2. Earlier that month on the 12th, the US Congress voted to go to war against Iraq from the 16th.

C. For astronomical references take the RedShift2 cd-rom and show three phenomenon:
  1. Pictures of the planet Jupiter and explain that it has 4 main large moons;
  2. Pictures of the planet Saturn showing its rings; and that
  3. the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, is actually a Binary Star, Sirius A & Sirius B.

Only after Galileo invented the telescope did we know that the planet Jupiter has four major moons, Saturn has rings, and invisible to the human eye the star Sirius has a companion star called Sirius B.

There is no way the ancient Egyptians would know of any of these future and modern historical and astronomical events - unless they were told.

So, the time experiment is conducted, and regardless of the outcome, history books are referenced to see if the specific information from the cd-roms is reported in Egyptian stories.

So, is there confirmation that the Time Trip back to ancient Egypt was a success?

Let's go to the history books...

When this vignette from the Egyptian Papyrus of Ani is examined, the following can be observed:

sample vignette from the Papyrus of Ani

The direction of the body on bed. The bed is a Lion. (Its head is on right end, facing right.) There are two sets of two containers under the bed, plus a white chest. On the head of the right bird (a Kite) is a bowl and the plan of a house.

Below is [a very rough line drawing of] the first of two pages from the Etruscan Burial Customs section from the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom. Let us compare its depictions.

line drawing of the Etruscan Burial Customs main screen

The icon at the top centre is a Chimera. ie. a Lion, facing to the right. In the middle is a similar bed. Did the Egyptian artist combine these two aspects and draw them as a bed with a lion head facing to the right ? Both show a wrapped body wearing a cap, facing the same way.

Do the two Egyptian kites represent the two active boxed icons on this screen ?
The one on the right is for 'Canopic Vases and Urns' and is literally 'under the bed' and new pictures literally appear 'under this bed'. It brings forth a presentation of five pictures that appear over a background image of 2 large jugs and 2 containers, with a bowl in the foreground. A third picture is of a house while the final image is of a white chest.

The ancient Egyptian artist has drawn these as 2 large jugs and 2 containers under the bed in two groups of two containers, with the white chest being illustrated as a white chest. The right kite (indicating 'flying' to a new screen - the Vases and Urns) has on its head a combination of the bowl and the house which are seen on the second page.

This validates 1 out of 3

An Egyptian prince/priest in his journal (chapter and line numbers cited) reported that:
12:2 "This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you" = January.
12:3 "Speak ye unto all the congregation...In the tenth day of this month " = speak to the Congress on the 10th January.
12:4 "according to the number of the souls...make your count" = tally the vote.
12:6 "keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month...kill it in the evening" = wait until the 14th January then stop the wait in the evening.
12:11 "it is the...passover" = this is the period of the passover.
12:13 "I will pass over you" = I will pass over you.
12:15, 19 "Seven days.....from the first day until the seventh day" = for seven days.
12:18 "In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month...until the one and twentieth day of the month at even" = 14th to 21st January.
12:43 "This is the ordinance of the passover " = these are the dates of the passover.

Note: We are dealing with an ancient text that was written in a different language.
Since the ancient Egyptian prince wrote his journal, it has also been translated through several languages into English (eg. via Hebrew, Latin, Old English), and has suffered the same '2 step numeral change' that can be also later found in the Roman numbering system. The months of September and October are the ninth and tenth months respectively, but "sept" means 7 and "oct" means 8 - an obvious numerical change of +2.

This was employed in the Hebrew translation, as their word "times past" #8032 means 'the day before yesterday' - ie. two days ago. For some reason they started the trend to write dates 2 days earlier than the actual date (probably to confuse their enemies).
The Roman explanation confirms that the actual date/number is +2 the written word. "Sept" gives 9.

Thus the Egyptian prince was reporting:
On January 12th (10 + 2) speak to Congress and tally the vote. [Once this was done an instruction was given] We will wait until the night of January 16th (14 + 2).
[The 16th came and went, so the war began] I will pass over you, and these are the dates of the passover: 16th (14 + 2) to 23rd (21 +2) January.

Check for these Historical Events:
January 12th 1991 the US Congress voted to go to war against Iraq from the 16th January.
From 16th to 23rd January 1991, the seven days of the Coalition air forces passing over the country of Iraq kept their planes from rising into the air.

This validates 2 out of 3

In Mali, West Africa, a tribe of people called the Dogon (of Egyptian decent) have astronomical lore going back thousands of years. According to their traditions, the planet Jupiter has four major moons,Saturn has rings, and the star Sirius has a companion star - Sirius B.

Is this 3 out of 3, or is all this just coincidences ?
And then there is this...

Here is some late 1990s computer technology.

486 PC, compact disk, mouse and cable, cd-drive, clear plastic jewel case

The Egyptian scribe Ani explains how and from where he obtained the inspiration for the above vignette. Papyrus of Ani, Plate I column 1

POA Plate 1, column 2, 12 glyphs - translated POA Plate 1, column 1, 17 glyphs - translated

Glyphs are read right to left so we start at the top of the right column. They say:
A real object held in the hand by the sitting man looks like this - line drawing of a compact disk
The circle with a hole in the centre shines.

The circle with a hole in the centre sits in a circular saddle that protrudes from the side of the box.

Its reed-like staff is shaped like a serpent with a head that looks like this basket [depicted upside down]. This reed pen looks like this [a mouse & cable is depicted].

Did we just prove using four separate criteria, that time travel back to ancient Egypt - HAS actually taken place

Researcher Ronald Pegg found evidence of time travel reported and described in over 30 ancient texts from over 12 countries spanning 5,000 years of our history.

The Pegg Project® Books and Papers Present the EVIDENCE.
Visit our Bookshop for eReports in PDF format.
Links to the Papers can be found in the News Release section.

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