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Time Travel Encounters in History

Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg discovered reports of human Time Travel activity documented in over 30 Ancient Texts that span 5,000 years of our history.

South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly confirmed Pegg's findings but surprisingly identified a Second Pattern of Activity relating to certain time-trips back to the past.

Pegg found that the primary Time-Trips had inadvertantly caused Religions to form due to the visited ancient people misunderstanding and perceiving an appearing Time Traveller in a bright light as being an Angel or God.

The secondary time-trips were undetaken to try to correct these mistakes. eg. Nostradamus.

Pengelly's REPORT reveals 18 Texts that document these findings and answers the question: Which of these Secondary Trips are documented in well know religious texts?
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A DOOPArt is where the description and contents of a modern technological object have been found depicted in hieroglyphs or documented in ancient myths, legends, and texts.

This picture from the early 1800s shows a clear plastic compact disk jewel case being held..

..but this was before plastic was invented !

This book presents a chronological summary of over 35 accounts that report such objects being depicted and/or described by ancient people between ca. 3100 BCE to 1829 CE.
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3 Time Travel PAPERs

While currently at the proof reading and review stage, it was deemed important that the general public have access to these amazing findings as soon as possible.

These studies generated enough comprehensive supportive evidence to demonstrate that:
- Time travel back to the past has taken place;
- Certain ancient texts document specific modern events;
- One particular human time traveller was identified by name;
- Certain early 1990s computer technology was seen by and documented by particular ancient people back in the past.

The three papers are entitled:
1 - Searching Ancient Texts for Evidence of Time Travellers.
2 - Searching Ancient Texts for Evidence of Computer Technology.
3 - Compact Disk documented in Ancient Texts is Identified
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Papyrus of Ani PAPER

It was deemed important that the general public have access to it although currently only at the proof reading and review stage.

This study generated comprehensive supportive evidence to demonstrate that:
- The first three columns of Plate I from the 1240 BCE Egyptian Papyrus of Ani is an account of an encounter with identifiable late 20th century computer technology;
- Certain depicted glyphs were individual representations of pieces of computer technology;
- The 'sun-disc' glyph (N5, Gardiner) is a depiction of a compact disk;
- Two individual glyphs from columns 2 and 3 (unclassified by Gardiner) are depictions of a computer's Mouse and Cable;
- From multiple sets of descriptive glyphs, a Mouse and Cable, and three Jewel Cases with their Black Base-plates were described.

The paper's title is
Egyptian Papyrus of Ani Describes 1995 Computer Technology
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