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News Release 28.05.2013

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Proof of
Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

The Bible - Decomposed

The Bible Decomposed book coverA Secular Bible Investigation

Adelaide, Australia   28 May 2013

Hidden Secrets Revealed
South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly was commissioned to investigate the TIME TRAVEL claims made by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg and to compile his findings into a new volume.

The specific ancient text to be examined was The Bible.

Pengelly's report reveals how some unresolved Bible mysteries directly relate to accounts of time travel encounters.

The Bible was composed over a period of time (from the Council of Nicaea, 325 CE to the Council of Trent, 645-1563) by amalgamating various stories (from around 1450 BCE to about 95 CE).

At the close of the 20th century the religious veil over many Bible stories were pierced by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg. He returned many mistranslated English words back to their primary meanings, using the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons in Strong's Concordance, uncovering the original true context.

Hidden beneath over 3,200 years of religious rhetoric were accounts of human time travel encounters. Computer technology was also reported in great detail.

Many Bible stories introduce Angels (simply known as 'messengers' in ancient times) who delivered information about the future using unusual books they held in their hands. The ancient people (now known as prophets) to whom they spoke reported these encounters and often mentioned having dreams or visions and being told specific things to write down.

These 'angels' were time travellers, their special 'books' were data disks (that ran on a computer), and the documented 'future information' (so-called prophecies) was simply historical and religious events recorded on those modern data disks. The documented 'dream' and 'vision' imagery was simply how ancient people tried to comprehend something they didn't quite understand, the various picture sequences from the data disks.

This Book allows you to follow Pegg's amazing journey as he dissolves religious rhetoric chapter by chapter, and reveals that:

The Tables of Testimony given to Moses (in Exodus) were two cd-roms;

Daniel's dreams and visions describe pictures from those two cd-roms.

The Book written within and sealed with seven seals (in Revelation) is one of them;

Ezekiel's vision of a Temple and Wheels within Wheels plus the Four Beasts and Great Image seen by King Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel are pictures from the same cd-rom;

The imagery in Mark and Genesis chapter one is also from the same cd-rom.

The Beast - 666 puzzle (in Revelation) has been solved.

The Angel of the Lord, the Burning Bush, the Passover, and the Exodus stories are based upon pictures from the other cd-rom;

Some of the so-called prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, including the End Time War, two witnesses (one named Michael), and astronomical events pertaining to the religious Judgment Day, relate to historical, religious, and astronomical events recorded on the second cd-rom.

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The Bible Decomposed book cover

The BIBLE Decomposed
- Hidden Secrets Revealed by Ronald Pegg

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