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News Release 22.12.2016

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Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

God and the Creation Story - to be investigated as a Scientific Theory

Proposed Academic Paper

Adelaide, Australia   22 December 2016  5:00pm

South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly (pictured below) found it quite amusing that Atheists and Theists rebuff each other.

Eddy decided to do something about the deadlock between these two groups after reading Martyn Shuttleworth's remarks where he says that proponents of 'Intelligent Design' attack the established theories about evolution and natural selection claiming that they are non-testable and non-falsifiable, while proponents of the theory of evolution state that a hypothesis such as 'An Intelligent Designer created the Earth and all life according to biblical laws' has no testability, so remains within the realms of theology and pseudo-science.[1]

Eddy noted that both parties are alluding to the scientific concept that a theory has to be falsifiable and testable, so he proposed to resolve these matters by raising both 'theories' to the same playing field.

"To do this" he said, "subject the 'Theory of Evolution' and 'The Theory of a God and the Creation Story' to the scientific method, and produce academic papers for peer review."

As the Theory of Evolution has been extensively scrutinized by many others, Eddy chose the latter perspective to investigate, and went on to say

Eddy Pengelly wearing his hat "This is my first attempt to word the hypothesis for the theist's case.
It has two parts:
  1. The reported entity written in English as "God" as cited in Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 (English version Bible) was a supernatural Being.
  2. The descriptions as documented in the KJV Bible's Genesis chapter 1 are an account of the formation of the Earth and its animals.
One of the first requirements of the scientific method is that a theory can be falsified.

So, can the God entity in Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1 be anything else other than a supernatural Being?
Yes, that Being could be an alien from another planet.
Possible corroboration may be found in the suggested Ezekiel UFO incident, documented in the Bible in chapter 1 of Ezekiel.

As this matter is falsifiable, it can hence be investigated as a real theory. If proof of an alien encounter was found, then the theory that God was a supernatural Being would be debunked.

Also, could the biblical creation story be something else other than a recorded documentation of the formation of our planet?

If proof of an alternative explanation was found, then the theory that the biblical creation story is a historical account of the formation of our planet would be debunked.

Will both Atheists and Theists agree to the new status of these theories ?

I will commence my investigation next year.
"   ( Diarized for January 2017 )

Example of Falsification
'All swans are white' can be falsified by observing a single black swan.
In the same way 'the God of the Bible in Genesis 1:1 is a supernatural Being' can be faslified by finding that it was describing an alien, a time traveller, or something else that the presented evidence supports.

[1] Martyn Shuttleworth, Testability article, Explorable website:

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