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News Release 01.01.2017

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Proof of
Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found


Consequences of Human TIME TRAVEL Now Known

Adelaide, Australia   01 January 2017

12th October 2000 - A Unique Day In Our Planet's History

Queenslander Ronald Pegg first publicly disclosed his Proof of - TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past.

Over 30 of the world's ancient texts describe and document human time travellers and their computer equipment. Comprehensive reports reveal when and who was visited, and what they recorded of their personal encounters. Subsequent investigations by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly validated these findings.

Religions were mistakenly spawned due to Time Travel Encounters

Most world cultures and societies have a Religion that can be traced back to either an encounter with gods, God, or Angels - or even further back to a Creation Story. It was found that various stories contained in the sacred texts of those Religions were results of misunderstood encounters with human Time Travellers. Those time messengers were incorrectly perceived back in those past times to be either supernatural gods, God or Angels.

Those Misconceptions can now be Corrected

Here is a chart showing the extent of the world's Religions involved in these misunderstandings. Those who's founding prophet was visited by a time traveller are noted in red.

Religious Tree Diagram with links back to the Creation Legend
Ronald Pegg proved that

1.  encounters with the prophets of these religions were with human time travellers and not with a supernatural Angel of God. Therefore, as these stories were originally not really about a divine nor supernatural incident, all the above Religions (and all their subsequent Denominations and Cults) can not longer claim the support of a "supernatural God" or a "supernatural Son of God" or a 'divine being'.

2.  reports of a Creation Story were also due to encounters with human time travellers. What they showed the ancient peoples on their computer device was misunderstood to be about the creation of the world instead of a report and pictures of what was going to happen to them in the future. The 'Creation Debate' has been resolved - neither a divine nor supernatural god created the planet Earth in 6 days.

Unknown to the public, we have been in a NEW ERA for 17 years  [as at date of article]

An epoch where the consequences of human TIME TRAVEL Back to the Past have been known.

A New Era for the Gregorian Calendar

Looking at the chronology of the world's history, based upon religious grounds it has been divided into the periods BC and AD, referring to the times before and after the birth of the Christian prophet Jesus. Contemporary notations in use are BCE and CE referring to 'before the common era' and 'common era'.

Now due to Ronald Pegg's revelations in the year 2000, a new common era has been established since that date, one where religions have lost their claim to supernatural or divine intervention. The world's people, if they choose to, can now move into the year 2017 [or whatever year you are reading this] without being hindered by the religious rhetoric and traditions of the past and the need for individuals to continue to worship a (non existent) supernatural God or a Son of God.

Arrowed Timeline showing BC/BCE - AD/CE - NE/NCE | - 0 - 2000 -

The religious notation of 2017 AD changes to 2017 NE, or could now simply be replaced by 17 NE

The current notation of 2017 CE changes to 2017 NCE, or could now simply be replaced by 17 NCE

Article [and suggestion] by Eddy Pengelly on behalf of World Breaking Discoveries.

News Release authorised by World Breaking Discoveries, Adelaide, South Australia, under licence ABN 94229084198 from Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd.

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