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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Adelaide, Australia   31 March 2017

This South Australian researcher, Eddy Pengelly, has completed an investigation regarding the Son of God Story from the Bible's Gospel of Mark.

A new twenty first century hypothesis suggested an alternative to the traditional religious supernatural concept - Jesus could have simply been a time traveller.

As the traditional supernatural 'son of God' claim could now be falsified, the scientific method was employed to investigate this matter.

There was no supportive proof found to support the 'Jesus was a time traveller theory' but a surprising conclusion was declared based upon the available evidence
The Jesus stories were not about a supernatural Being, but relate to human Time Travel interactions back in the past being misunderstood.
The debate is now over - there is and never was a supernatural Son of GOD as traditionally believed.

Pengelly's academic paper destroys over 2,000 years of traditional religious beliefs regarding the perceived Christian son of God.

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Public Preprint released 22 February 2022:

Academic Paper
The Jesus Story - Gospel of Mark

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