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News Release 27.04.2019

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Proof of
Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

Modern Events in the Bible - Prophecies Fulfilled

Modern Events in the Bible book coverA Secular Bible Investigation

Adelaide, Australia   27 June 2019

Prophecies Fulfilled
Throughout the Hebrew and Christian Old and New Testaments, Angels are described as showing ancient people future events from specific sealed Books, and discussing an End Time Judgement involving their future religions.

These events, now known as Prophecies, included certain late 20th century astronomical and historical events, and were taken (by the Christians) to be Signs of the Second Coming of Jesus.

We now know that the sealed Books were these specific three cd-roms (based on discoveries by Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg and confirmed by South Australian Eddy Pengelly):
CD covers - Ancients, Grolier, Redshift2
The Angels were Time Travellers who ensured the records in the Bible gave specific time frames between particular incidents in order to mark the beginning of the 'End Time Signs'.

We now have a timeframe for the remaining Signs which include Michael, the Two Witnesses, and the Judging of Religions.

Pegg concluded that
Finding modern events from these three cd-roms described and documented in the Bible is PROOF of TIME TRAVEL.

This Book reveals:
  • which historical events Daniel, John, and Moses wrote about;

  • what predictions Nostradamus made that have now been identified with their historical record;

  • the specific artefacts (data disks) the writers document being shown;

  • timeframes given between historical events including the End Times;

  • the SIGNS of Jesus and what they really mean.

The religious 'prophecy given by one of God's angels' is simply a misunderstood story about a human time traveller making ancient writers, including Daniel and John, record specific 'future' information that would later be found chronicled in the Bible.

Pegg's time travel findings are REWRITING HISTORY and have changed the context of religious texts - and it is not what religious people are expecting.

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Modern Events in the Bible book cover

Modern Events in the Bible
- Prophecies Fulfilled

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