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God, Creation & Jesus - DEBUNKED

Atheists Vs Religion - A Scientific Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Adelaide, Australia   13 August 2019

Atheists want scientific evidence that Jesus was a real historical person, and proof of Religion's 'supernatural God', from an independent source other than the bible.

Theists want their belief that 'God is a supernatural being who Created the world in six days and then appeared on earth as Jesus' to be considered as a possible scientific hypothesis.

Two Academic Papers from 2017 finally brought the two sides to an equal playing field. They create a scientifically valid discussion using the scientific method of disproving alternate hypotheses.

Those alternate hypotheses included the God of the Bible being an alien (from a possible UFO description in the Book of Ezekiel), and the historical figure Jesus being a time traveller.

Both hypotheses were invalidated, but other astounding findings presented in those academic papers shattered over 3,200 years of religious beliefs regarding the traditional Creation, God, and Jesus Stories.

Employing the Scientific Method of research, Ronald Pegg's earlier Time Travel findings regarding Genesis and the Gospel of Mark were validated.

News Release authorised by World Breaking Discoveries, Adelaide, South Australia, under licence ABN 94229084198 from Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd.

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The debates are now over.

The Genesis 1 & 2 narratives were detailed sequential descriptions of pictures from specific modern cd-roms. A messenger specifically told Moses to write down what he showed him.
That messenger (aka. Angel / voice of God) was a human time traveller.

There is and never was a supernatural GOD as traditionally religiously believed.

The Life of Jesus stories were recounting a human time travel interaction back in the past.

They were not about an actual ancient human person or a supernatural Being.

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