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TBD book coverThe Bible Decomposed

Ronald Pegg returned many mistranslated English words back to their primary meanings, using the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons in Strong's Concordance, uncovering the original true context.
Hidden beneath over 3,200 years of religious rhetoric were accounts of human time travel encounters. Computer technology was also reported in great detail.

Many Bible stories introduce Angels who delivered information about the future using unusual books they held in their hands. The ancient people (now known as prophets) to whom they spoke reported these encounters because they were told to write it all down.

Those 'angels' were time travellers and their special 'books' were data disks. The documented 'dream' and 'vision' imagery was simply how ancient people tried to comprehend something they didn't quite understand, the various picture sequences from the data disks.
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5 book titles5 Case Studies

Ronald Pegg's hypothesis specified that a 1990s computer system and three cd-roms were taken back to the past by human time travellers, with various pictures from each of them being told and shown to certain ancient people.

Eddy Pengelly was the first researcher in the 21st century to investigate these assertions. So far he has personally scrutinized over eighteen of the cited ancient accounts and has made further discoveries of his own. Five of those verified accounts are from the Bible.

These eBooks present Case Studies from the biblical books of Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, Genesis, and Mark using a commentary style.

Read for yourself what Pengelly saw, as he sat in front of a computer running the various cd-roms and compared what was seen on the computer's screen to what was chronicled in the particular ancient text being examined.
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B7S book coverQuest for the Book with Seven Seals

Australian researcher Ronald Pegg went in search of the actual physical object held by the messenger described in the Book of Revelation.

After he found that many words in the KJV Bible have been mistranslated, he then discovered other previously unknown descriptions of that 'future book' in the books of Ezekiel and Daniel.

Now with 11 documented characteristics for that 'End Time book', Pegg was able to establish what type of 'book' was being reported. He then found a physical modern 'book' that seemed to match all those ancient descriptions.

An eBook presents Pegg's research methods as he persued his quest while an associated interactive online Workshop presents comprehensive evidence.

The Book with Seven Seals is no longer a symbolic snippet of religious rhetoric - it is real, and has been found and identified.
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MEB book coverProphecies Fulfilled

Ronald Pegg found that many of the reported 'Angels' in the Bible were actually just human time travellers, and the 'Dream & Vision' narratives are exact descriptions of certain pictures from modern data disks (explained in the 5 Case Studies).

Associated future history told to Daniel and John, and hidden beneath the surface text stories in the works of Moses (and Nostradamus), relates to information shown and told from modern cd-roms plus two specific History Books.

3 eBooks reveal where modern events are described in the Old Testament and the New Testament (and Nostradamus).

For example:
- The End Time War relates to a specific historical event in the late 20th century.
- The End Time Religious Judgement relates to specific historical events from the 20th and 21st centuries.
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